Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Agnes!

This sweet little lady is Agnes, and I have been looking forward to introducing her to all of you for several weeks now. In mid-August, when I posted her mom’s maternity session, I promised you pictures of this darling, so here they are! I hope you enjoy them. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Ariana

Ariana and Hector are expecting their first child this month, and they are so excited! We held this maternity photography session in the West Eugene Wetlands, which is a beautiful area of wet prairie land, full of tall grass, lovely wildflowers, and songbirds. The pretty purple flowers were actually the reason Ariana chose this location, but it was so late in the season that we almost missed them! They were definitely on their way out when we shot these photos back in August, but there were still enough that we were able to capture them in some of our pictures, and they gave a lovely tint of lavender to our backdrop. 

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Amy

I did this maternity photography session last month for Amy, who is expecting not one, but two baby girls any day now. Amy is planning to bring them into the studio after they’re born for their newborn baby pictures, and I can’t wait to meet them! If there’s anything cuter than a newborn baby, it’s the cuteness doubled, so keep an eye out for their pictures in the next few weeks—you won’t want to miss out on that much adorableness, trust me. 

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Six month session with Braelynn!

Jesika and Michael brought their sweet daughter Braelynn in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon last month for another photography session. I took pictures of Braelynn as an adorable, chunky newborn, and again when she was three months old during my spring minis in May. See if you can figure out which one is her from the many photos! And if you missed her newborn pictures, they are well worth going back to take a look at, so feel free to ooh and aah over her here

eugene oregon baby photographer

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Paizleigh!

This beautiful young lady is Paizleigh, and I’m so excited for all of you to meet her!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Mama Dezirae and big brother Ryder brought this new little one to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon early last month for a newborn photography session, and it was so much fun to work with them! They are great people and so happy to have Paizleigh join their family.

Oregon Family Photographer: Katie & Adam Marwitz Family

I had a wonderful time photographing this beautiful family near the end of July. I have been photographing Katie and her children since she was pregnant with their youngest, August, but this was the first time I met Katie’s husband, Adam. It was a pleasure to get the whole family together, and we had a lot of fun doing this family photography session at Detering Orchards here in the Willamette Valley. 

eugene oregon family phtotographer

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Milk bath with Annabelle

These photos are from another milk bath maternity photography session I did back in July. I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone! Hard to believe it’s already September and my girls will be back in school soon. Although the time has flown, I’ve been lucky enough to spend my summer doing lots of things I love, including, of course, photography, and I’m delighted to be able to show you the photos from my session with Annabelle.

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Megan

I had a wonderful time doing this maternity photography session with Megan and Michael in preparation for the birth of their son, Boomer (who is expected mid-September.) This is an amazing couple who picked a lovely and somewhat unusual setting for their session. I’m delighted with the way our photographs turned out.

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Milk bath with Alex

I was excited to do another milk bath maternity session a few weeks ago! I do lots of maternity photography on a regular basis, but this is only the second milk bath session I’ve done. If you’re interested in something similar, definitely check out this post and then take a look at pictures from my first session here to get a better idea of what it’s like. I think this is such a beautiful form of photography. Although it’s still new to me, I’m enjoying working with this medium and experimenting with what works best, particularly with the lighting and editing processes. I’m glad Alex reached out to me about doing this type of session.

eugene oregon maternity photographer
We held this shoot just a few weeks before Alex was due to have her baby—who, I’m happy to say, has arrived. Little Agnes is happy, healthy, and doing great. And she’s so pretty! I had her in the studio just last week, and got some fantastic pictures, which I’ll work on getting up on the blog as soon as possible. 

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Connor!

Do you remember Courtney and Poul and their daughter Emma? If you missed the photos from their session, don’t worry, you can check them out here. I did Courtney’s maternity session a few months ago in preparation for the arrival of their son, and guess what? Here he is!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Connor, the newest member of this great family, is such a sweetheart! I have been looking forward to having him in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for a while now, so I was very excited to see him. He was well worth the wait!

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: Annalise is TWO!

I’m delighted to welcome Annalise back to the blog! I have had the pleasure of photographing this young lady ever since she was a newborn—and yes, in answer to the question I know you’re asking, she has always had those amazing chubby cheeks and deep dimples. Lucky girl! I hope she keeps those dimples forever—they’re the best!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

Annalise just turned 2 years old, so her mom decided to do a mini milestone photography session for her. These types of sessions are only available to clients who have been with me since they were newborns, and it’s a great way to capture a smaller number of high-quality images around birthdays and other life milestones. If it sounds like something you’re interested in, I’ve got more information here

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Eva!

This little sweetheart is Eva, and I’m so excited to introduce her to all of you!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Eva is another Florence baby whose family made the hour’s drive to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for her newborn photography session. I don’t know what it is about coastal babies, but they all seem to be great little sleepers. I know I’m always tired after a day at the beach too, so maybe it’s all that salt air. Whatever the reason, Eva followed the trend by sleeping soundly and happily through our entire session. It made it easy to get some fantastic pictures of her, so have fun scrolling through them!

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Truxton!

I’m happy to welcome Truxton to the blog!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This handsome little fellow came down from Florence with his family for his newborn photography session, and we had a wonderful time. Truxton must be one of those kiddos who loves car rides, because by the time he got to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon he was so sleepy and content. He was super easy to work with and we got some great photos—which I hope you all enjoy!

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Ashley

This lovely lady is Ashley, who decided she’d like to add a mini maternity photography session to the newborn session she purchased for her little boy—who arrived just a few days ago!

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Ashley liked the idea of having lots of flowers in her maternity photography session, so rather than meet at my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon, we decided on Owen Rose Garden as our location for the shoot. Owen Rose Garden is a beautiful spot nestled right beside the Willamette River here in Eugene, and is at its best in late June and early July—which is exactly when Ashley booked her session! She has impeccable timing. Truth be told, this little garden has some great scenery at all seasons of the year, but it’s never more beautiful than when the roses and other flowers are in full bloom and the bushes and lawns are a rich, lush green, creating that riot of color that is irresistible to a photographer like myself. 

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Lillian!

I am super excited to be able to introduce you to Lillian! I have been waiting for this cutie’s arrival with great anticipation for several weeks now, and I’m so glad she’s finally here!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Isn’t she a sweetheart? You may remember her parents’ maternity session from last month, but if you missed it, be sure to check it out here. Summer and Ben did their maternity session at Zumwalt park and I had a wonderful time photographing them. I have been looking forward to meeting their little one ever since, and I’m happy to report that she arrived healthy, happy, and cute as a button! I loved being her newborn photographer, and I know you’re going to love her pictures!