Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Casey!

We have a new little one to welcome to the blog. Everyone, meet Casey!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This little guy was brought into my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon around the middle of last month by his mom, Kristina. She wanted to do a full newborn photography session, which usually includes some pictures of baby with mom and dad, but Kristina decided to bypass the family photos and do exclusively baby pictures, so I focused completely on Casey—which I didn’t mind a bit! 

Casey is such an adorable baby. He has loads of beautiful dark hair, which I love, and I also love how it comes to a perfect point in the middle of his forehead. So darned cute! He also has wonderfully round cheeks, and the cutest little lines under his eyes that make him look extra sleepy. And trust me, he was plenty sleepy! This sweetheart was happy to snooze while I did my thing, and was so cooperative while we changed him in and out of different outfits and arranged his little arms and legs to get the perfect pose for each shot. You’d think he was born to be a photography subject!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

We chose very muted, neutral colors for this newborn photography session: lots of browns, grays, and gray-blues, and branched out just a bit with a touch of various shades of green. Because the color scheme is so neutral, the black and white photos blend in to the color photos almost imperceptibly rather than standing out, which gives a different feel to our photo collage (see above.) Casey’s nursery is decorated in a fox theme, which influenced our color scheme and is also why we went with a leafy forest background for the picture below, complete with tree trunk, and dressed Casey up in an orange fox hat. I think the orange looks great with his dark hair. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

We continued the forest theme with a cozy brown bear cap, which Casey modeled for us in the picture below. Frankly, I can’t get over how cute he looks in that one! Even though it’s summer, he looks like he’s getting ready for a long winter’s nap…or possibly hibernation!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I had so much fun spending time with Casey and his mom as we did this newborn photography shoot together. I hope I will be able to see them again in the future and help them capture even more wonderful memories as Casey grows. 

Although I’ve been a newborn photographer for several years now, I can tell you that taking pictures of these precious little ones never gets old. A sleeping infant holds a kind of magic that never wears off, no matter how many times I shoot and no matter how many babies come through my photography studio. It’s just the best thing ever! This session was no exception. I had a wonderful time photographing Casey and was able to get some great pictures of him. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Kyle!

I hope all of you will join me in giving a big welcome to Kyle!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This sweet little boy is a long-awaited blessing for his parents, Adam and Amanda, who have been hoping and praying so much for his arrival. Kyle was brought into this world by the wonderful gift of surrogacy, and I know Adam and Amanda are so grateful for this amazing gift that has allowed them to have a family of their own. 

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Wecome Ona!

I am so excited to introduce all of you to Ona!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I met this sweet little girl at the beginning of June, when her mom and dad, Celeste and Kenny, brought her into my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon. Ona and her parents are from Newport, a lovely town along our scenic Oregon coast, so I was so pleased when they chose me to be their newborn photographer and were willing to drive all the way over to Eugene (about 2 hours away) for Ona’s pictures.  

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Summer

In keeping with the spring/summer theme that seems to be going on—I have another maternity photography session to share with all of you!

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Summer and Ben had their little girl a couple of weeks ago, but we did manage to squeeze in a maternity photography session before her arrival. We chose Zumwalt Park as our location—a spot I don’t often use as it’s a little distance from my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon. Zumwalt Park is located in Veneta on the edge of the Fern Ridge Reservoir, and it’s a wonderfully quiet place as it’s closed to traffic and even parking is limited. I feel like any place near water is bound to be pretty, and Zumwalt Park didn’t disappoint. The volunteers who maintain the park keep it very natural, and there is an abundance of wildflowers dotted throughout the grassy areas, creating both a comfortable carpet and a perfect backdrop for photography. 

Springfield, Oregon maternity photographer: Courtney

I guess springtime in Oregon is the season of maternity photography! I have been doing several of these types of sessions lately—and I love it! There is such excitement in the anticipation of a new life, and it’s so fun to capture that mood on film.

springfield oregon maternity photographer

Courtney and Poul actually just had their second baby—a little boy—and I can't wait to have him in the studio! Back in late May they wanted to do a maternity photography session in anticipation of the big event. Here are the photos, and I hope you enjoy! This is such a cute little family! Courtney and Poul are such sweet people, and their daughter, Emma, is absolutely adorable. I’m sure she’s a wonderful big sister.

Eugene, Oregon family photographer: Happy birthday, Goldie!

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Amber, Grant, and Goldie, and in wishing Goldie a happy first birthday!

eugene oregon family photographer

We did this session to celebrate Goldie turning one. Her mom and dad decided against doing a cake smash (which is what I traditionally do for a kiddo’s first birthday), and instead wanted to try more of a family photography session, which I was delighted to do. What a wonderful way to commemorate a child’s birth! This is a beautiful little family, and the photos turned out great. I hope you enjoy them! 

Rather than meeting at my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon, we did this session at Mount Pisgah, a well-known hiking destination near downtown Eugene, and had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful and the sunshine is always particularly welcome in this area of Oregon! Mount Pisgah can actually get a bit parched during the summer months, but we were fortunate to catch it while there was still tall green grass and yellow flowers to provide a bright, natural setting for our celebratory baby photography session.

eugene oregon family photographer

Goldie is an absolutely adorable little girl, with her mom’s fair hair and blue eyes. (Lucky kid!) Even though this was our first photography session together, Goldie didn’t need any time at all to warm up to me. She was happy and smiley from the first photo to the last, and even though we used a few props and played with her blanket to keep things interesting, she really didn’t need any entertaining. A lot of times kids that age need some encouragement to smile at the camera—after all, they haven’t learned to smile on demand yet, and most of them don’t see anything particularly funny about a lady with a strange black box—but Goldie was a great little smiler. She just loved looking at me and my camera! And what a sweet, toothy grin she’s got, too!

eugene oregon baby photographer

It’s always nice to get out of the studio for a bit, and outdoor photography is especially fun. The Pacific Northwest (or Northwet, as we affectionately refer to it) is a beautiful place, and the spring and summer months, when everything is in bloom and the sun decides to pay our corner of the world a visit, makes outdoor photography both easy and a sheer delight. Although I am primarily a baby and child photographer, I’m as susceptible as anyone else to the beauties of nature, and it’s always exciting to use my camera as an exploratory tool—discovering all that’s lovely and unique about where I live, and capturing it on film. Photography sessions like this seem to combine the best of both worlds!

It was so much fun to meet this wonderful family, to explore a local landmark together, and to celebrate one of the best parts of their life: Goldie! These were such sweet people, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to be their family photographer and baby birthday photographer all at the same time! 

eugene oregon family photographer

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Brinley!

Please join me in welcoming baby Brinley!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This little angel was super sleepy and snoozed happily all through our newborn photography session. I couldn’t have asked for an easier subject. She is a beautiful girl, with amazing skin and such a precious face. She just looks so contented and happy in all of her photos—which turned out beautifully. Not many babies smile in their sleep, but Brinley does, and it’s absolutely adorable. 

Springfield, Oregon maternity photographer: Danielle

This was such a beautiful maternity photography session! Everything was so perfect, the weather was on our side, and we got some absolutely amazing pictures! 

springfield oregon maternity photographer

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Clara!

I am excited to introduce you to Clara!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was a pleasure to have Clara and her mom, dad, and big brother in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon last month for a newborn photography session to welcome her to the world!

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Bruxton!

I am so excited to introduce you to Bruxton! Some of you might remember that I recently did a maternity photography shoot at Fern Ridge Lake for Bruxton’s parents, Jen and Adam. If you missed it, you can take a look here

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Bruxton decided he didn’t want to wait too long for his own newborn photography session and a chance to be in the limelight, so he arrived about a month earlier than expected—not that anyone’s complaining! We are all just super happy that he’s here and we finally get to meet him. I’m pleased to report that he is a healthy, happy, handsome baby boy—and very much loved by his parents. It’s a feeling that I think everyone who meets him will share.

Eugene, Oregon family photographer: Corbin, Carianne, Oliver, and Ryder

I had a wonderful time photographing this fantastic family, and I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them back to the blog!

eugene oregon family photographer

Carianne and Corbin are a wonderful couple who have been coming to me since their oldest son, Oliver, was born and I did his newborn photography session. I also did their maternity photography shoot for them when they were pregnant with their younger son, Ryder, and then did Ryder’s newborn photos after he arrived, and it has been a pleasure every time.

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Robert

Please join me in welcoming Robert to the blog!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I welcomed Robert to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon near the end of April for his newborn photography session, and had a wonderful time with both him and his family. They are familiar faces in my studio since I was lucky enough to photograph Robert’s older sister, Wilma, many times during her first year of life. It was great to see her again. She is becoming such a big girl—and such a cutie! She’s got a great smile. I know she’ll be a great big sister to Robert, and I’m sure they’ll have lots of fun times together! 

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Michael is ONE!

Happy birthday, Michael!

eugene oregon baby photographer

I can’t believe that an entire year has passed since I had this little guy in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for his newborn photography session. The time has flown by and once again I am amazed at how much babies grow and change in one short year. It was so much fun to have Michael in the studio again and to celebrate his first year of life with a birthday cake smash!

Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Family and Portrait Photographer: Spring Mini Sessions

I hope everyone is having a wonderful memorial day. With the changing seasons and beautiful flowers coming on, last month was time for my spring minis!

eugene oregon family & portrait photographer

I was joined by fifteen beautiful families for these mini photography sessions, and it was a wonderful experience. I love how all the photographs turned out!