Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Eugene, Oregon family photographer: Sarah, Luke, Liam, and Magdalina

 What a perfect summer session! I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day than at the beach. One of the reasons I love Eugene, Oregon is that it’s so close to all kinds of fun outdoor activities. We’re an hour from the mountains in one direction, and an hour from the ocean in the other, so quick day trips to fun places are super easy.

oregon outdoor family photographer

Sarah and Luke requested a beach location for their family photography session, so we met at Heceta Beach in Florence, Oregon last month. We got so lucky with the timing! The tide was out, and we found a bunch of tide pools that were just teeming with life, like big starfish and tiny little crabs. The kiddos and even dad were super interested in these natural wonders, so our photos took more of storytelling approach instead of a posed one. I love the spontaneity and family togetherness they convey! As a family photographer, I want your session to be genuine and reflect the unique and wonderful personalities of each family member. As such, although I’m happy to pose you if that’s the style you’re looking for, I’m also happy to just let the session unfold naturally. That’s what happened with this one, and we all had a great time.

oregon coast family photographer

We also got lucky with the weather. People say there’s never a bad day at the beach…but I can attest that there can be days that make it a little tough to do portrait photography! Fortunately, this wasn’t one of them. We had pretty good cloud cover which diffused the light nicely. Didn’t give us that golden light, but it still worked really well. Plus, it was warm and not very windy at all, so that made it easy for us to have fun and get some great shots.

In addition to getting to spend time at the beach, I also loved being able to meet the whole family! I photographed Magdalina when she was a newborn (obviously that’s been a while ago—she has gotten so big and is such a cutie), so I already knew Sarah and Magdalina, but I hadn’t met the guys yet, so it was great to meet Luke and Liam. What a wonderful family, and what a fun day!

eugene oregon family photographer

Thanks so much for visiting my website! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer with extensive experience in maternity, newborn, baby and child, and family photography. I serve families all throughout Oregon and would love to capture your family’s special memories as well! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book your session. I can’t wait to welcome you to the studio, or meet up in a beautiful outdoor location for a session of picture-taking and memory-making!

Until then, be sure to check out the family photo gallery for ideas and inspiration, and don’t forget to follow Shanna Chess Photography on Facebook for all the latest news, updates, and fun photos!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Wren!

 August may have been a big month for maternity sessions, but I also managed to squeeze a couple of newborn photography sessions into the mix too. I love doing portrait photography of all kinds—maternity, family, baby and child—but there’s no denying that newborns are my absolute favorite to work with. There is just something so special about capturing that brand new life, and who can resist that newborn squishiness?

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This little cutie is Wren. She came in with parents Jen and Adam and big brother Bruxton for baby pictures around the middle of last month. It’s been a couple of years since I saw this family, so it was wonderful to be able to welcome them back to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. I did Jen’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Bruxton, as well as Bruxton’s newborn and one-year photos, but he is a big boy now—all of three years old! I think Wren looks a lot like her brother did as a newborn. You’ll have to compare photos and let me know if you see the resemblance!

Wren is a rainbow baby, so we did some really sweet rainbow-themed shots. As a loss mom myself, I know how hard that experience is, and also how important it is to celebrate and treasure that precious rainbow when it comes. I know Wren’s parents love her to pieces!

eugene oregon rainbow baby photographer

We also wanted to do some family shots during this session so they could have images of Wren with her brother and her mommy and daddy. Bruxton did a great job snuggling with little sis so we could get some cute pictures of the two of them together. Aren’t they adorable?

eugene oregon baby and family photographer

For the rest of our session we focused on Miss Wren. We used mostly pinkish purples and olive green and it turned out so pretty! As a newborn photographer I enjoy seeing the different trends and what’s popular in baby photography, and I’ve noticed that olive green is becoming more and more popular—especially for baby girls. It makes a great contrast with lighter floral colors and adds some depth and weight to balance out the traditional pinks, whites, and lavenders, so I can definitely see why it’s gaining traction! Wren definitely looked great in it.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was great to spend time with this amazing family and meet the newest member! I’m so happy that they’ve been able to welcome another little one into their home. They are fantastic people and they and Wren are lucky to have each other.

Thanks so much for visiting the website! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer with a special place in my heart for newborns. If you’re in the market for portraits I hope you’ll consider Shanna Chess Photography! Newborn photography is my passion and I would love to work with your and your little one. Please check here for pricing and session options, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Sabrina

 Another gorgeous maternity photoshoot from last month! Sabrina is expecting a little one very soon and I was excited to capture this amazing time for her with a collection of professional maternity photos.

eugene oregon maternity photographer

As a maternity photographer I am always adding to my selection of outfits and backdrops. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make each session special and unique so that every client can choose exactly the options that fit their style. I had recently purchased an amazing gray backdrop with the most beautiful floral pattern that I couldn’t wait to try out with Sabrina.

I was also excited for this beautiful mother-to-be to wear one of my new maternity gowns: gray with feathers. It’s a different style than anything else I have, and the feathers allow for three different looks, as you can see in the photos below: gown only, feathers only, or both together. They all look great!

eugene oregon maternity portraits

eugene oregon maternity photography

eugene/springfield oregon studio maternity photographer

Sabrina had the most incredible red hair and I loved the contrast in our photos. My hair and makeup artist had the best time playing with that hair! I almost didn’t want to do any black and white pictures in our maternity photography session since only full color does justice to those gorgeous tresses! We did do a few black and white shots though, for variety and because Sabrina looks lovely in both.

Speaking of looking lovely, I love the nude shots we did as well. There is nothing like being pregnant, and showcasing the power and beauty of a woman’s body during this special time is something I take a lot of pride in. Sabrina also had such pretty tattoos on her arm, and it was fun to highlight that artwork.

eugene oregon studio maternity photographer

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Absolutely loved doing these maternity pictures for Sabrina! She is a stunning lady and I’m so glad I could capture these memories for her. There is truly nothing I like better than using my skills as a Eugene, Oregon photographer to create these kinds of treasures.

eugene/springfield oregon maternity portrait photographer

Are you expecting? For professional and customized maternity portraits, please get in touch! Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and there’s no better time to show yourself some extra love and show off your amazing body than during your pregnancy. I provide both outdoor and in-studio maternity photography sessions, as well as a milk bath option. Your partner/spouse and children are welcome to join in as well—it’s completely up to you to decide exactly what you want. Feel free to scroll through my maternity gallery for more ideas and inspiration, and then let me know how you envision your own session.  

And if you’re in a different stage of life, I would still love to welcome you and your family to my studio! I also specialize in family, baby and child, and newborn photography, so you can have polished, professional images of your family at each new phase of your journey together.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have fun exploring the site, and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Eugene Oregon maternity photographer: Amanda


It was so great to see Amanda again at the end of last month! I photographed her younger son Asher all the way from her maternity photos when she was pregnant with him to his one-year cake smash. So I was super excited when I learned she was expecting another little one. This time—it’s a girl! I know mom is thrilled, as are dad and both big brothers. It was wonderful to be able to help them get ready with a beautiful maternity photography session for Amanda.

eugene oregon maternity photographer

I recently acquired some new backdrops for my Eugene, Oregon photography studio and I was so happy to try them out with this lovely lady. We used one of my white lace gowns for the backdrop with the leaves. It gave us a beautiful spring/summer feel and I love the lightness and elegance of the lace. 

Since the leafy backdrop and lace gown was such a light and airy combination, I wanted to give this maternity photography session some contrast by using a darker setup too. Another new backdrop (this one a nice deep brown) with a gorgeous burgundy maternity gown was perfect to balance out our pictures with some depth and richness. I also had fun playing with both color and black-and-white to give us even more variety.

eugene oregon maternity photography

Of course, as important as the session itself and all the fun gowns and backdrops is the preparation! All of my full maternity photoshoots now come with a professional hair and makeup session so you can look and feel your best during this exciting time. As an expectant mama, you deserve some pampering, and my makeup artist, Sami, is great at making you feel extra special and extra beautiful in front of the camera.

Loved having Amanda back in the studio and being able to showcase the amazing mother she is. I’m so happy for her and her growing family, and absolutely love the way our photos turned out! Can’t wait to meet sweet baby girl when she arrives.

eugene oregon maternity portraits

Are you expecting? Congratulations—I’m so excited for you! If you’re interested in professional, personalized maternity photos, please get in touch! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer and would be delighted to help you capture memories of this incredible stage in your life. I’d be happy to discuss your session with you and answer any questions you might have. As you’ll see from scrolling through my maternity portfolio, I have tons of options and am happy to customize your session so it’s totally unique to you. No matter what style you have in mind for your maternity pictures, I can help you create exactly the session you’re hoping for.

A little past the expecting stage? Don’t worry! I also specialize in newborn, family, and baby and child milestone photo sessions, so no matter what stage of life you’re in, you can have beautiful pictures to treasure for years to come.

Thanks so much for visiting the site, and I hope I’ll be hearing from you very soon!

eugene/springfield maternity photographer oregon

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Megan and Family

 It was so good to see Megan again for this maternity photography session. And it was especially fun because the whole family was able to join us! Megan and DJ are expecting a little girl very soon, and older siblings Jacoby and Violet are very excited that they’re going to have a baby in the family.

maternity and family photographer eugene oregon

Although most of my maternity sessions focus on mama, it’s always an option to include your partner and/or your other children. It really just depends on your personal preference and the feel you’re going for. If you’re expecting, be sure to check out my maternity photo gallery for lots of ideas on different styles, indoor vs. outdoor sessions, milk baths and more! (I also did several studio maternity sessions in August, which I’ll be blogging over the next few weeks—so be sure to check back for more gorgeous pictures!)

As a maternity photographer, I’m happy to customize the experience to suit your needs. This type of session really is all about you! For this mama, I knew she wanted to include the whole family, and have a really fun, sweet, relaxed feel. Since this session took place in early August and the weather was beautiful, an outdoor location seemed like the perfect choice! We got together at Cuthbert (part of Alton Baker Park) on a sunny evening and got some super cute maternity pictures.

outdoor maternity photos eugene/springfield oregon

Jacoby and Violet had a great time and were so cute. They loved hugging mommy’s tummy and we got some adorable family shots. Of course, we also made sure to get some portraits of the happy couple and of Megan on her own. Love the way our session went, and the photos were exactly what this family wanted. I’m already looking forward to welcoming them to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio very soon—this time as a family of five—after new baby girl arrives!

outdoor maternity photography eugene oregon

Interested in professional, personalized maternity photos? Please get in touch! As an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer I would love to help you capture memories of this exciting stage in your life. There is nothing like the anticipation of pregnancy, and even though it sometimes feels like it will last forever (believe me, I’ve been there!) baby will be here before you know it. In addition to newborn photos, you’ll love having maternity pictures to look back on. Plus, a maternity photo session is a great way to pamper yourself and show off what a beautiful woman you are—and who can’t use a little more of that in their lives?

In addition to maternity photography, I also specialize in family portraits, baby and child milestone sessions, and newborn photos. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you deserve to have beautiful pictures of it that you can treasure for years to come.

Thanks so much for visiting the site, and I hope you’ll choose Shanna Chess Photography for all your portrait photography needs! I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful family.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Isla!

 Hope you are all staying safe! It’s been a crazy week here in Eugene, with wildfires burning along our beautiful McKenzie River and smoke filling the skies. Definitely thinking of all the families throughout Oregon and elsewhere who are struggling right now, and I’m sending thoughts and prayers! With everything going on at the moment, I figured we could all use something to smile about—so here are some sweet baby pictures that will hopefully be a bright spot in your day.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Meghann, Gabriel, Levi, and Bennett brought in new baby sister Isla last month for a newborn photography session. It was so good to see this family again, and what a treat to be able to have them all in the studio at once! I haven’t seen the whole family together since I did Bennett’s newborn pictures—and you can see from the photos that that was a while ago!

I feel especially lucky that I got to be their newborn photographer again because they had actually moved away. But they were back in Eugene just in time for Isla’s birth and were able to get on the schedule for baby pictures.

Having the whole family together was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we made sure that we got pictures of Isla with mom, dad, and both of her big brothers. Levi and Bennett were so good with the new little one—I love the picture of them both kissing the top of her little head. So precious! And Isla is such a cutie. It totally made my day that she kept giving me these sweet little half-smiles in her sleep.

eugene oregon baby and family photographer

eugene oregon newborn portraits

Mom chose some really cute, fun colors for Isla’s newborn photography session. We kept the family pictures pretty neutral, but when it was just solo shots of Isla we had fun playing around with a bright color scheme that was perfect for summer. The yellow and purple combination isn’t a request I get often, but the pics turned out adorable!

So glad I got to welcome this wonderful family to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio again. It’s always fun to welcome return clients back and see how their families are growing. Congratulations to this family on a beautiful new addition!

eugene oregon newborn studio pictures

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer specializing in maternity, family, baby and child, and newborn portraits. It’s my pleasure to serve families all over Oregon, including Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Junction City, Bend, Florence, Salem, and Roseburg.

If you’re interested in learning more about my services, feel free to explore the site or contact me with questions. You can find information about photo session options and pricing, check out the studio, or learn more about me and my work as a photographer.

Need more adorable baby pictures in your life right now? I don’t blame you! Check out the newborn gallery for photos from past sessions, and don’t forget to follow Shanna Chess Photography on Facebook,  Instagram, and Pinterest!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: Evelyn is ONE!


Tiffany and Andrew brought cute little Evelyn came back to the studio at the end of July for her one-year photos. Isn’t she adorable? I first met this little sweetie when she was six months old, and she is just as cute as the last time I saw her. Don’t believe me? Check out her six-month session here. I guarantee it will make your day!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

I remember Evelyn being a super smiley baby at six months, and she was a super smiley toddler at one year old. During this baby and child photography session she gave me these huge, toothy grins that I just loved. Although she hadn’t turned off the smiles at our last session, I wasn’t sure if it would be the same this time. Sometimes babies have developed a bit of stranger danger by the time they’ve hit that one-year mark. Not the case with Evelyn though! She wasn’t shy at all and had an absolute blast working the camera.

baby and child portraits eugene/springfield oregon

As a baby and child photographer, I guess I should be used to how much these little ones change in a short space of time, but I honestly couldn’t believe how much Evelyn had grown since our last photo shoot together. She’s gotten so tall! I was glad to see that she still has that amazing red hair though. I hope that never changes. You just can’t help but love a redhead!

Just like with her six-month session, we took advantage of our time in the studio to get a few updated family photos as well as toddler pics of Miss Evelyn. (All of my full sessions come with the option of including parents and siblings, so even if you want to focus on the little one, we can still get a few family pictures too.) We also recreated some of our shots from last time, including the one with Evelyn’s parents swinging her out into the foreground of the photo, and the one with Evelyn holding on to mom and dad’s hands. (You can get some idea of how tall she’s gotten from comparing this shot with the same one from six months ago!)

baby and family photographer eugene oregon

It was so great to welcome this family back to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. They are so much fun, and it was the perfect way to wrap up the month. I hope I’ll be seeing them regularly for pictures as Evelyn gets older—I’d love to work with them again!

Thanks so much for dropping by! I’m a Eugene, Oregon photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography, as well as milestone photo sessions for babies and children. I am based in the Eugene, Springfield area, but I serve families all throughout the state. If you’re looking for a PNW portrait photographer, I hope you’ll consider Shanna Chess Photography. I love capturing memories of these precious little ones and I would love to work with you and your family!

Please contact me with any questions, or to book your session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Eugene, Oregon Baby and Child Photographer: Ace is ONE!

 Had such a fun milestone and cake smash photography session with this family last month. This was kind of a bittersweet session for me because it wraps up my baby package for baby number two. Ace is one year old now and I’ve been photographing him and his big brother Knox every few months since they were newborns, as well as doing Brittany’s maternity sessions. They are the sweetest family and I have loved being able to document their babies growing!

baby portrait photographer Eugene Oregon

We wanted to get the full experience in this session, so we started off with milestone baby pictures of Ace and his parents and brother before getting out the cake. Although mini sessions focus just on baby, full sessions always give you the opportunity to include other members of the family, so it’s a great time to a couple of updated family pictures or sibling shots.

Eugene Oregon family photographer

Ace is such a smiley baby—but he was also happy to show off the full range of his facial expressions for me. He liked making grumpy faces at me and holding it for as long as he could before I coaxed another smile out of him. His grouchy face never lasted long! He especially liked riding my little wicker horse prop. Look at that grin!

eugene oregon baby portraits
eugene oregon baby and child photographer

Once we’d gotten lots of baby portraits it was time for cake. Ace wasn’t totally sure what to make of that experience. He ran the gamut from slightly bewildered to very upset to “maybe this isn’t so bad after all.” And yes, he did manage to get frosting all over himself, which is always a plus for cake smash photography!

eugene oregon cake smash photographer

I am so going to miss seeing this family every few months! Even though Ace is now a year old and we’ve reached the end of the sessions included in my year-long package, I hope I’ll continue to see them regularly for updated photos. In the meantime, a very happy first birthday to this sweet little man!


Thanks so much for visiting my website! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, family, cake smash, and baby and child photography. Capturing memories of families and little ones is my passion and I love serving families all over Oregon.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at my session options and pricing information here, or just have fun scrolling through the baby and child photo gallery to get a better feel for my style. I have tons of choices for props, backdrops, outfits and more in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio, and outdoor options are also available for most sessions. Whatever style you’re looking for, I would love to help you create the perfect photo shoot!

If you’re ready to book your session or just have questions please feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you about possibilities for your session.

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