Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Lowynn!

 It was wonderful to see one of my favorite families in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio again in April. I first met Ashley and Eric shortly after their oldest daughter, Merida was born and I did newborn photos for her. They’ve come back a couple of times since then, for Merida’s one-year baby pictures and more recently for Ashley’s maternity pictures as they got ready to welcome new baby Lowynn!

Eugene Oregon newborn photographer

I was so glad the entire family was able to make it the studio for Lowynn’s newborn photography session. It’s always fun to get some sibling images if you have other kiddos, and I loved being able to do that with Merida and her new sis. Lowynn was adorable and looked a lot like her older sister did as a newborn. Lowynn also had tons of hair! Merida had a lot of hair as a baby too, but not as much as Lowynn!

Eugene/Springfield area newborn photography, baby girl photo collage

Since she had such a gorgeous mane, I thought it was totally appropriate that Lowynn’s name means Lion. Mom decided to play it up by bringing a cute lion hat and tail to tie in with our newborn photography session. So adorable! I have so many fun props and outfits at my photo studio, but I always love it when parents bring their own too.

Eugene Oregon newborn pictures, baby in lion hat and tail

Big sister Merida was just perfect with the new baby and we got the best sibling and family photos. Aren’t these sisters the cutest thing ever? Lowynn clearly knows big sister loves her—do you see that little smile?

Newborn and sibling photos Eugene OR, big sister cuddling new baby on white bed

We used a similar color scheme for Lowynn’s newborn pictures as we did for Merida’s session. Mostly blues and purples, although we also added more pinks with Lowynn. (It just looked so pretty with her dark hair!)

I always love seeing repeat clients over and over again as they welcome new little ones to their family and celebrate special milestones together. I love being a newborn and family photographer and capturing these special memories for Oregon families!

Newborn photo studio Eugene Oregon, baby girl asleep on purple beanbag

Thanks so much for stopping by the website!

Are you looking for a Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer? I hope you’ll get in touch with me! I absolutely love capturing the many special stages of life for families across Oregon, whether that’s recording your pregnancy, creating professional newborn and baby pictures, or getting beautiful family portraits. While every stage of life has something special to offer, I’ll admit, capturing those first days of a new baby’s life is my very favorite. Photographing these little ones is what started me on the road to being a professional photographer in the first place, and I have a special place in my heart for them.

If you’d like to learn more, you can find pricing information and a general overview of session options here. You can also follow me on Facebook for updates and baby photo inspiration. I’d love to connect with you on social media, or, even better, welcome you to my photography studio! Can’t wait to create some memories together!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: Brothers milestone session with Zeplin and Ozzy!

 It was so fun to see one of my favorite families again back at the beginning of April. Samantha and Christopher brought both of their boys, Ozzy and Zeplin, for some baby and child photography, since they were both celebrating milestones! Zeplin was turning two years old and Ozzy had just hit his 6-month milestone. Seriously, where does the time go?

Eugene Oregon 6-month baby photographer

I first met this family when they brought Zeplin to see me for his 6-month baby pictures, and I’ve been photographing them ever since! Once you find a photographer you love, it’s a great idea to stick with them for all of your portraits, if possible. It gives your photos consistency in style, so they’ll always look wonderful displayed together in frames or an album. And it can also make kiddos more comfortable going to a photographer they’re familiar with and have gotten to know. I love seeing my repeat clients year after year—or even more frequently!

These boys are always so happy and smiley—I loved working with them again. And it was extra fun to have them both in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio at the same time so we could do sibling photos! We took the opportunity to recreate some of the pictures from Zeplin’s 6-month session. We had done the bed setup with him, so we did that again with the two brothers. They are too cute, and I love comparing the adorable shots from both sessions. (Check out Zeplin’s earlier session here if you want to do the same!)

Eugene Oregon sibling photography

Zeplin had so much energy and was just as happy as I remembered from last time. He has the biggest smile! He wasn’t big on sitting still (what two-year-old is, right?) but fortunately kiddos don’t have to pose for us to get great shots. As a Eugene Oregon baby and child photographer, I’ve learned to just roll with whatever these little ones want to do. Candid shots are the best—and trust me, you’ll love looking back on photos like these and remembering how energetic and wiggly your kiddo was!

Eugene Oregon children's photographer

Ozzy wasn’t totally sure about the camera at first, but he warmed up in no time and we got such cute pictures! (He also loved the swing!)

It was so great to do the baby and child milestone photos for these two adorable brothers! It’s always a treat to have them in the studio and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Can’t wait until the next time!

Eugene Oregon baby photographer

Interested in professional milestone baby and child photography for your little one (or two)? Please contact me! I offer milestone sessions for all ages and stages of childhood, from newborn and 6-month photos all the way to high school portraits. Take a look at my gallery for examples. I offer milestone sessions both outdoors or in the studio, and as you can see, if you have more than one kiddo I’m happy to do sibling portraits featuring all the sweet kiddos in your family.  

I hope you’ll choose Shanna Chess Photography for all your Eugene, Oregon photography needs. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: 6-month milestone with Maverick

 Does anybody else feel like they’re going to melt in this heat wave we’re having in Eugene, Oregon? Feels like summer already. If you want to melt in a good way though, just take a look at the photos from this cutie’s six-month milestone photography session! The weather was still pretty gray when we did this shoot back at the beginning of April, but Maverick brought the sunshine right in to my Eugene, Oregon photo studio!

Eugene Oregon baby and child photographer

I know Maverick’s mom, Kelly, through Junior League of Eugene, where we both serve on the board. But with COVID, we’ve only been meeting virtually since last year. So it was great to see her in person and finally meet her little guy! Sometimes when I first meet these little ones it seems like the pleasure’s all mine—at least until they warm up—but not so with Maverick! He seemed happy to see me right from the get-go and was super smiley and adorable. Made me feel awesome, and we had a great time together!

We kept things pretty simple as far as props—just wanted a nice clean look. We did have a lot of fun with his outfits though. Those bunny overalls just kill me! So cute!

6 month baby photos Eugene OR

Kelly wasn’t planning to join in the photos, but I convinced her to get in a few. Since she had booked the full baby and child milestone photography session, which includes a setup for family images, it just made sense. Anytime you book a full session with me, whether for newborn or baby, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get some updated family photos or a few portraits with you and your sweet kiddo.

mom and baby 6 month images, Eugene OR photographer

Maverick loved everything we did at the studio. From the swing to the basket, and from sitting on the chair like a big boy to crawling all over the studio set, he had a blast! It was so fun to watch him and capture his big smile and happy-go-lucky personality. I’m so glad Kelly decided to do these baby pictures—and I know she’s going to look back on these years from now and will be so glad she invested in them as well!

best baby photographers near me Eugene Oregon

Interested in professional photos of your little one? Even if you missed the window for newborn (because of COVID or whatever else), you can still get amazing baby pictures—and it’s so worth it! Milestone photo sessions are always really fun because we get to capture your cutie’s budding personality. Whether you decide on a sitter session (usually between 6 and 10 months old, or whenever baby is sitting on their own), a one-year birthday session (yes, I also do cake smash photos!) or “just because” pics at any age, you’ll love having these adorable images to treasure and pass down over the years. Check out the investment page to look at options, and feel free to get in touch with any questions or to book your session. I would absolutely love to meet you and your little one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: 6-month milestone session with Lily

 Oh my goodness, you are going to love the photos of this sweet baby girl! What an angel face! Audrey and Daniel brought Lily to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio at the end of March for her 6-month milestone photography session. Most of the 6-month-olds I photograph are little ones I took pictures of as newborns, but Lily and her parents were first-time clients. It was wonderful to meet them. And we had so much fun together!

Eugene Oregon baby and child photographer

I usually set aside an hour for milestone sessions, but I very rarely use the whole time with 6-month-olds because they tend to get tired by about the 40 minute mark. Not Lily! She was sweet-faced and smiley the entire hour. I didn’t even want to stop at that point because we were having such a good time. And honestly, she was probably one of the most gorgeous, photogenic babies I’ve ever photographed. She seriously has the most perfect little face! She loved the camera, and the camera definitely loved her!

Eugene Oregon 6-month milestone photographer

Because Lily was so happy and cooperative, we got to do several different setups. We did lots and lots of baby portraits, since that was our main focus, but we also did some family pictures. It’s always a great idea to get a few of these if you’ve booked a full session. Families grow and change so fast—especially when kiddos are little. You want to make sure you capture as much as you can at every stage of life!

Eugene Oregon baby and family photographer

I have lots of outfits and props at the studio that can be used for your little one’s milestone portraits, but parents are always welcome to bring things from home. If you have a special outfit you want to dress them in, or an heirloom object you want to incorporate into your photos, just let me know! I’m totally open to that! Mom brought Lily’s outfits and they were all so cute. I especially loved the fluffy hat! I just might have to get one of those for the studio. I can see using that a lot as a baby photographer!

best baby photographers Eugene/Springfield OR

I’m so glad this family found me and asked me to be their Eugene, Oregon baby photographer. I love doing these milestone sessions (it’s so fun seeing a baby’s blossoming personality) and Lily’s was definitely a highlight for me!

Eugene OR baby photography studio milestone sessions

Thanks so much for stopping by my website! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn, family, and baby and child photography. It’s my honor and pleasure to use nearly a decade of photography experience to serve families across Oregon, and I would love to help you capture your beautiful family. If you’re interested in a professional photoshoot (for any age), please get in touch with me. I’d love to chat with you about session options and discuss your vision for your finished images. Together, we can create a session that will be a great experience at the time and provide a record of your memories to cherish for years to come.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Remi!

 Okay, people—brace yourselves! This baby girl is cute cute cute! I had so much fun doing her newborn photography session a few weeks ago. Mom (Delila) and her older children Angel and Tatiana brought sweet new baby Remi for her baby pictures at the end of March. She was absolutely adorable, slept so nicely, and was just a sweetheart.

newborn photographer Eugene OR

Neutrals are really popular at the moment—for just about everything. Baby photos, home décor, clothing, you name it. But there’s nothing like having your own sense of style and going with what you really love. Delila preferred colors to neutrals and picked out the cutest blue and purple combination. I absolutely loved it and have decided it’s a new favorite for me! I was especially excited about the chance to use blue for a newborn girl! I get to do that a lot for the little boys, but it’s pretty rare that someone requests it for their daughter. As you can see though, blue is super versatile. Paired with the purple, our pictures were still totally girly, and the unique color palette made them so fun and unique.

Best newborn photographers Eugene OR

Remi was a good sleeper, and since Mom got her in during that first two weeks, she was still super flexible so we were able to get all the cute newborn poses we were hoping for. While you’re always welcome to contact me to check out last-minute bookings, I strongly encourage people to book nice and early—especially for newborn photography! We got all kinds of classic curly poses with Remi and she was totally content—even blew a few bubbles for me at one point. 😊

newborn photography near me Eugene/Springfield OR

With a full newborn photography session, it’s always an option to have family members jump in and be in some of the photos—but totally up to you! Some people really want to have a few parent/baby or sibling/baby photos, while others just want to focus on that precious new bundle. You can check out my session options here to get a feel for what might be right for you. In this case, we decided to make Remi the star of the show. (If you’re interested in getting a few family pictures as part of your newborn photography experience, be sure to see what my Eugene, Oregon photography studio has to offer. I have lots of amenities to make sure your visit is comfortable and relaxing for every member of the family—no matter what age.)

Eugene Oregon newborn photographer

It was so nice to spend a few hours with this family and their beautiful new baby girl. We had a great time and our finished photos turned out so pretty!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I am an award-winning Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer who also specializes in family, maternity, and baby and child photography. It’s my honor to help families throughout Oregon record all the beautiful ages and stages of their lives together, and I would love to be a part of your family’s journey too!


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Eugene Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Ethan!

 Hope you’ve all been enjoying the beautiful sunshine—and that you enjoy scrolling through the photos from this adorable newborn photography session!

Eugene Oregon newborn photographer

Elizabeth and Dan brought sweet new baby Ethan to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio in March for his photos. He was just an angel and the cutest little guy. He was awake for a bit at the beginning of his session, but was completely calm and just kept looking around. Babies this age can hardly ever stay awake for long (unless it’s three in the morning, right, moms and dads?) so it wasn’t long before Ethan got drowsy and drifted off to sleep so we could do our pictures.

newborn photographer near me Eugene OR
newborn photographers near me Springfield OR

He slept great the rest of the time and we got so many cute photos of this little man in all kinds of different poses and outfits. He had the best chubby cheeks—had to get a closeup of those!

Eugene Oregon newborn photography
Eugene Oregon newborn photography studio

I have all kinds of great props at the studio, but there’s nothing like personalization, so if you feel like bringing in something special, just let me know! Dan wanted to bring in some deer antlers to pose Ethan with, so we did a setup with the antlers and one of my rustic baskets. I think Ethan and his dad are going to have lots of fun in the great outdoors as this little guy gets older!

professional baby pictures eugene oregon

As well as newborn portraits, we also got some newborn and family photos of Ethan with his parents. I love doing these kinds of pictures! A new baby—especially a first baby—is such an amazing change for parents, and it’s so special to capture that relationship just days after baby’s arrival. Love the beautiful images we were able to get of this sweet family during Ethan’s newborn photography session. So wonderful to spend some time with them, recording this first stage of their lives together!

newborn and family photographer Eugene/Springfield OR

Thanks so much for stopping by Shanna Chess Photography’s website!

If you’re looking for a Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer, please get in touch. I would be delighted to hear from you! I love capturing the many special milestones of life for families throughout Oregon, including maternity, newborn, baby and child, and family photography. While I love recording every one of these stages, I’ll admit, newborn photography is my very favorite. Photographing these brand new little ones is what started me on the road to professional portrait photography in the first place.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can find pricing information here and also get some session details so you can get a feel for what type of session might be right for you. I offer both full and all-inclusive mini options. And if you need more adorable baby pictures in your life be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or my new TikTok. Can’t wait to connect with you on social media or—even better—welcome you to the studio sometime soon! It would be my pleasure to help you turn your memories into beautiful art.





Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Ashley

 Happy Wednesday, everyone! Hope your week is going well. Just wanted to share these great photos from one of my maternity photography sessions a couple of months ago. Ashley, Eric, and big sister Merida came to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio in February to get some pictures before the new baby’s arrival. They are expecting another girl!

eugene oregon studio maternity photographer

It’s always fun to have the whole family there for a maternity photo shoot. We got some great couples shots of Ashley and Eric, some family pictures, and a few mom and daughter photos as well. Merida did such a great job taking photos with her mama. She is such a cutie and I love her curly hair. I can’t wait to see her with her new baby sister!

eugene oregon maternity photographer with children and family

maternity photos with family eugene oregon

We did a few different gowns—I have a whole closetful for my maternity clients to choose from! Ashley really liked the purple, and we also did a couple of neutral colors.

Eugene Oregon maternity photographer

professional maternity photographer Eugene/Springfield OR

Ashley also wanted to do some nude maternity photos, so we did a few of those as well. I especially love the one with the hat! I know a lot of times women who are pregnant feel like they aren’t attractive anymore. Girl, that is just the hormones talking! Photos like this prove that you are just as gorgeous with that beautiful baby belly as you ever were!

Eugene Oregon maternity photographer

Loved spending time with this amazing mama-to-be and her sweet family. I’m already looking forward to having them in the studio again for newborn pictures with new baby girl when she gets here. Can’t wait!

Are you getting ready to welcome a little one to the family? Congratulations—I am absolutely thrilled for you! I know you have so many things you have to do to get ready, but believe me, one of the most memorable is to invest in professional, personalized maternity photos. This is such an amazing stage of your life, and even though there are days it feels like it will never end, it will be over before you know it and you’ll have your precious bundle in your arms. Maternity photography is a way to remember all the best parts of those days when you were still anticipating baby’s arrival.

As an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer, I specialize in capturing these extra special stages of your life. I would be delighted to help you record your pregnancy. As you’ll see from scrolling through my maternity portfolio, I have tons of options and am happy to customize your session so it’s completely unique to you. We can do studio or outdoor, and have family members join us or just focus exclusively on you. No matter what style you have in mind, I can help you create exactly the session you’re hoping for.

A little past the expecting stage? That’s wonderful news too! I also specialize in newborn, family, and baby and child milestone photo sessions. No matter what stage of life you’re in, it deserves to be recorded. I would love to help you create beautiful images of these irreplaceable memories.  

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Elizabeth

 What a pleasure to have this wonderful couple in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio for a maternity photo session. Elizabeth and Dan are expecting a little boy and will be bringing him to see me for newborn pictures too. Can’t wait!

Eugene Oregon maternity photographer

Elizabeth chose some of my studio gowns for her maternity photo shoot. Clients are always welcome to bring their own maternity gowns if they have them, but I also have a large collection of gowns in lots of different styles and colors that mamas-to-be are welcome to use during their session. She looked great in purple and loved the flowing style of that dress, so we used my purple gown for most of our pictures. We also did some photos with my new mauve tulle (which has been a popular option lately) and I was excited to use my black silk tossing fabric for the first time!

Eugene/Springfield OR maternity photographer
Maternity portrait photography Eugene OR

Tossing fabric is something that can really make the photos from your maternity photography session stand out. It adds a gorgeous, almost dance-like movement to your portraits, and I love the way the curves of the fabric accentuate a woman’s figure and echo the curves of that beautiful baby bump!

Best maternity photographers near me Eugene Oregon

I also love all the photos we got of Elizabeth and Dan together. I know all my clients love each other, but sometimes that isn’t so easy to translate through the camera. It really depends on the couple. While I try to make all of my sessions as relaxed and natural as possible, not everyone feels super comfortable showing affection in front of a camera! Totally understandable, and I’m always there to help clients pose in such a way that we can capture that special relationship. But with Elizabeth and Dan it was so easy! Their love was very apparent and photographed beautifully. Such a sweet couple.

Couples maternity photography Eugene/Springfield OR

Are you expecting? Congratulations—I’m so excited for you! If you’re interested in professional, customized maternity photos, I hope you’ll choose Shanna Chess Photography. As an award-winning Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer, I would love to help you capture this special stage of your life. Pregnancy is such an amazing time, and yours deserves to be recorded!

As you’ll see from scrolling through my maternity portfolio, I have tons of options and am happy to customize your session so it’s completely unique to you. I offer both full (1 hour) and all-inclusive mini (20 minute) maternity photography sessions, so you can choose what first best with your vision for your finished images. No matter what style you have in mind, I can help you create exactly the session you’re hoping for. And yes, both full and mini sessions can be either mama-to-be only or include your spouse and/or other children. Check out the investment page for more details and pricing information. And of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m happy to answer your questions and discuss your vision for the session. I can’t wait to welcome you to the studio!

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