Friday, March 30, 2018

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Dahlia!

I hope everyone has been able to soak up a few of the rays of sunshine we’ve had this week! Spring is in the air here in Eugene, and I have to admit, it is making me antsy for summertime and glorious heat. Spring comes with its own special pleasures though, including bright daffodils (which seem to be springing up in everyone’s yard), mild weather, and new life. One of my favorite things about spring is all the lambs and calves in the fields, and the irresistibly cute ducklings trailing after mama duck along the many waterways of the city. And speaking of new life:

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Proud mama Payton brought her new baby girl, Dahlia, in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon early this month for a mini session—and she has every right to be proud! Dahlia is absolutely beautiful—one of the prettiest babies I’ve had in the studio—and I loved that I was the lucky newborn photographer who got to take pictures of this gorgeous little girl. Since this was a mini session, we only got a few photos, but they turned out fantastic and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy every single one. 

I love the dark colors that Payton chose for Dahlia’s session. She has great taste and a sense of elegance that really comes out in these pictures. The deeper hues suit Dahlia’s thick dark hair, perfect skin, and cherry lips (which I couldn’t resist getting a close-up of) to perfection. She looks like a baby Snow White, and the rich purples and reds strike notes reminiscent of royalty and fairy tales. Dahlia was a super sweet, well-behaved little princess as well, and slept through most of our session quite happily, although she did wake up at one point and look at me and my camera curiously with her beautiful baby eyes. I love it when babies do that! Her good-natured temperament also made it possible for us to work a surprising number of different backgrounds, props, and outfits into this session, considering it was a mini and therefore quite a bit shorter than a full newborn photography session. It was fun to have so much variety!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This session was actually a gift from Payton’s aunt, which was so sweet of her. I know Payton appreciated it a lot and was excited to have some professional newborn photographs of her baby daughter. A photography session is a unique and memorable gift, almost always unexpected, but guaranteed to bring delight long after the baby shower is over. Whenever new parents bring their little one to my studio for a session that was purchased for them by a friend or relative, they never fail to tell me what an amazing gift it is. As a Eugene, Oregon photographer, I was glad to be a part of this particular gift, and had a great time meeting this wonderful mother and daughter. I wish them all the best as they start on this amazing phase of life!

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