Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Jax's Fresh 48

Amber and Alex contacted me recently and booked a Fresh 48 photography session as well as a newborn session for their sweet baby boy, Jax. It’s always exciting for me to visit a family and their new little one, just introduced to the world, so soon after the birth. It really is a privilege to witness and capture some of those first intimate, life-changing moments. I was able to visit this family at Riverbend hospital shortly after Jax was born and get some wonderful pictures of his first few hours of life. Enjoy!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Amber and Alex moved to Eugene from Florida not too long ago to open the popular Eugene and Corvallis Orangetheory gyms. I haven’t tried either of them out yet, but I hear they are great places to work out and get your sweat on! I’m going to have to pay the Eugene location a visit soon and try it for myself. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect gym. Amber is originally from South Africa and Alex is from New Zealand, and I quickly noticed their amazing accents. I feel like we don’t get a lot of variety in accents in this part of the world, so I just loved hearing them talk! I’m so glad they moved here and that I had the chance to meet them in my role as a Eugene, Oregon photographer.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Jax was a gorgeous little guy. He has his mama’s lips, and he was awake almost the whole time I was there, which was a real treat. I love those big gray baby eyes, and that adorable way new babies move their tiny tongues and mouths. So cute. As you can see, Jax’s beautiful eyes were wide open for most of our pictures. I think he was eager to check out this big world he’s been waiting to see for the past nine months! He was also way more interested in eating than in posing during my visit, but that was okay because we did some nursing pictures until he was full, and then I was able to get some photos of them all as a family and do some brand new newborn photography of little Jax by himself. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

We did this session near the beginning of May, and then Jax and his parents came to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon a little over a week later for his full newborn session. We got some fantastic pictures there too, and I’ll be posting them to the blog probably next week sometime, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. You won’t want to miss them! It was great to meet this beautiful family and be a part of welcoming Jax into the world. I wish Amber and Alex lots of luck in their venture here and tons of happiness in this exciting new phase of their lives. They are going to be great parents and I hope I’ll see them in the studio again at some point!

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