Monday, July 2, 2018

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: 6-month with Aurora!

Natasha brought in her sweet baby Aurora for a six-month baby photography session a few weeks ago. As you can see, Aurora is super excited about it! She is a beautiful redhead just like her mama, and although her hair is just a fine fuzz at the moment, it’s pretty clear that she’s going to inherit Natasha’s amazing curls when she gets older. She’s going to be so gorgeous!

eugene oregon baby photographer

Aurora is for sure a mama’s girl, and I love the shots of them together. It’s obvious that they love being with each other, and although Aurora wasn’t always impressed with my attempts to elicit a smile from her, she always had a big one for me whenever she was in her mom’s arms. So sweet!

Even though she’s only six months old, little Aurora has some definite opinions about life and had no qualms about sharing them with me. There were a few times throughout this baby photography session that she let it be known that she was not interested in having her photo taken, and that this whole paparazzi thing was getting on her nerves, but we still managed to get some great shots. It’s so fun getting to know the personalities of these little ones, and Aurora definitely had lots of personality!

eugene oregon baby photographer

 With summertime just around the corner at the time we did our session, we thought it would be really cute to use a strawberry theme for some of the photos, so we brought some fresh, plump, red berries into the studio. We were kind of hoping we could get Aurora to sit in a small tub of water with the strawberries, which would have been adorable, but she wasn’t having any of that. As a Eugene, Oregon photographer, and especially as a baby photographer, I’ve learned to recognize when I’m beaten! I conceded the point, dumped the tub of water (not literally) and started to improvise with some new props to see if I could find something Aurora would go for. Fortunately, it seems that all Aurora objected to was getting wet, and she was more than happy to sit on my little iron bed and gnaw on some berries, so we were still able to use our strawberry theme and get some really fun pictures. Doesn’t she remind you of that Strawberry Shortcake cartoon?

eugene oregon baby photographer

We mixed things up color-wise with some very basic, simple backgrounds and then some really bright, summery ones, so that the photos almost look like they came from two separate sessions. Nothing wrong with getting the most bang for your buck! I love the variety and the different moods that our color schemes created. 

eugene oregon baby photographer

It was wonderful to have these two in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon. Aurora was a hoot to work with—a funny, smart, adorable little girl—and definitely kept me on my toes! I’m sure she and her mom have lots of adventures together, and I’m so glad I was able to share this one with them.

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