Friday, July 24, 2020

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: 3-month session with Beau

Katie and Greg brought adorable Beau to my photography studio in early June for his three-month baby photography session. We had actually scheduled this as a newborn session originally, but Beau arrived early and had to spend some time in the NICU before he was strong enough to come home. By the time he was released from the NICU I wasn’t able to photograph him because I had closed my studio temporarily to comply with COVID shutdowns and keep my clients safe. I was so sad that I wasn’t able to photograph him as a newborn, but delighted that his parents still wanted to do the session—just a bit later than we’d planned.

eugene oregon baby photographer

Beau did an awesome job for his baby pictures! Usually at this age babies are wide awake the whole time, but Beau surprised both me and his parents by sleeping a bit during our time together. Kind of a nice treat, since it gave me the chance to pose him in more of a traditional newborn pose on his stomach and get some shots that looked similar to those we would have gotten if he’d been able to come in right after he was born.

eugene oregon baby photographer

Katie and Greg are big Beaver’s fans. Katie’s dad actually played for the Beavers, so she brought in his old helmet to use in a few of our shots. She also brought the football, which was played in a game back when OJ Simpson played at USC against the Beavers. So Beau definitely has some football history in his background.

eugene oregon ducks and beavers baby photographer

Since I’m a Eugene, Oregon photographer, I work with a lot of families who have connections either to the University of Oregon (the Ducks) here in town, or Oregon State University (the Beavers) a few minutes down the road in Corvallis, so I have props and setups in both the team colors (green and yellow for the Ducks, orange and black for the Beavers.) No matter what team you’re rooting for, we can incorporate some of that team spirit into your little one’s baby photography session!

One of the fun things about working with babies that are a little bit older is that they’re getting a bit more interactive and curious about things. Beau did a great job with posing, but he also liked to wriggle, and was at the stage where babies are figuring out all the fun things they can do with their arms and legs! For some of our pictures, I just laid him on a nice soft rug and let him do his thing, kicking his feet and pumping his little fists for all he was worth. It’s the baby version of candid portraits. 😊

eugene springfield oregon baby photographer

Little Beau was such a cutie, and I’m so glad that we were able to do this session. COVID might have been able to interrupt our plans, but it couldn’t stop us completely! It was great to have him in the studio and be able to capture these images. A belated congratulations to Katie and Greg on this perfect little guy!

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