Monday, July 27, 2020

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Hazlee!

Would you just look at this cutie? What a doll! Hannah and Jeremiah brought their new baby girl Hazlee to see me near the beginning of June for a newborn photography session. She was absolutely adorable and of course I fell in love with her right off the bat. I’m sure you will too once you’ve seen these baby pictures! Enjoy!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Hazlee was a wonderful sleeper, which makes my job as a newborn photographer a lot easier. I always allow extra time for a full newborn photo session, since baby sometimes gets hungry or fussy in the middle of it even with all our preparations to get them sleepy beforehand. Just because they’re brand new to the world doesn’t mean they don’t have a mind of their own! I can totally work around those kinds of hiccups, but it’s always nice when I get such a great sleeper. Hazlee didn’t want to wake up for anything, which was fine by me! I was able to get her in and out of outfits, adjust everything just so, and position her into all kinds of cute poses without disturbing her in the least.

eugene studio newborn photographer

This little lady also had the prettiest skin. So white and beautiful, with just a hint of pink that made my bright pink swaddle and headband look so good on her! I think the pink was my favorite, but honestly she looked great in everything we tried. Whether we fancied it up with white lace, went for a natural look with the greenery, or experimented with a rustic shabby chic bucket, Hazlee looked amazing! And those chubby cheeks! Yes, I’m a sucker for chubby cheeks—can you blame me?

eugene springfield oregon newborn photographer

It was such a pleasure to have sweet little Hazlee and her parents in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio and to help them create these beautiful images. I love working with newborns and families to create photos that are both personal memories and high-quality artwork they can display in their home and share with others.

eugene oregon professional newborn photographer

Thanks so much for visiting the website and checking out my latest sessions on the blog! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer who specializes in all types of portraiture, including maternity, baby and child, and family, but I’ll admit it—I have a special place in my heart for newborn photography. Taking pictures of these sweet, brand-new little ones was what made me fall in love with portrait photography in the first place and eventually decide to pursue it professionally.

As a mom myself, I know that incredible feeling of holding a new life in your arms—and I also know how fast that time flies by! That’s why I believe it’s so worth it to capture the memories of your baby through high-quality, professional photos you can treasure for a lifetime. I’d be honored to be the photographer to provide you with those treasures, and I hope you’ll get in touch so we can plan the perfect session. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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