Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: 3-month session with Owen

I was so glad to finally get this family in for baby pictures! They had originally scheduled this as a newborn photography session, but I wasn’t able to get them into the studio right after Owen was born because I closed my Eugene, Oregon photography studio for a while due to COVID. Closing was definitely the right thing to do—I really wanted to ensure that I could keep little ones safe and comply with all the recommended health guidelines—but it was one of those tough decisions! I missed seeing these little guys so much, and I knew that for some of them, we would miss that window of opportunity for newborn pictures. Still, the safety of these sweet babies is my top priority—even if it means I have to delay seeing them. So glad to be open again!

eugene oregon baby photographer

Even though we couldn’t get Owen in right away, we got him on the schedule as soon as we could and adjusted his session to a baby and child photography session instead of a newborn shoot. As you can see, it still went great! Mom (Kim), Dad (Eric), and big brother (Benjamin, five years old) were all able to join us too, so I got to spend some time with the whole family.

Photographing babies at this age can be tricky, but I love the challenge! Owen was so alert during our whole time together and gave me such great expressions. Babies at this age are often experimenting with all those muscles, so they make the cutest faces and are so fun and wiggly!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

Even though he was three months old, we still did our best to get a few “newborn-like” photos. I swaddled him briefly so we could get that brand new baby pose, which he tolerated really well, although I know he liked it better when he was just in his diaper and could flail his little arms to his heart’s content. Oh, and don’t let that picture fool you: Owen didn’t sleep a wink—I just happened to catch him mid-blink!

eugene oregon professional baby pictures

This little guy loved tummy time and had a lot of fun making faces at me and trying to figure out what I was doing. Such an adorable little man. The expression “better late than never” doesn’t hold true for everything, but it was certainly the case with these baby pictures. Such a fun baby and child photography session! I loved every minute and am so glad we were able to make it work despite the challenges of COVID. A belated congratulations to Kim and Eric on a beautiful baby boy!

Thanks so much for dropping by! Feel free to explore the website further to learn more about pricing and session options, my style as a Eugene, Oregon photographer, and the studio. Capturing memories of little ones and families is what I do best, so if you’re interested in portrait photography please contact me. I would be delighted to discuss your session and set up a time for your photoshoot!

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