Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Eugene, Oregon cake smash photographer: Adeline is ONE!

 I can’t believe how long our beautiful fall weather has lasted! I am loving the sunshine and the crisp, cool mornings and evenings. Usually Oregon autumns get soggy too quickly to really be able to enjoy the crunching leaves and pretty colors—but we have gotten super lucky this year!

eugene oregon cake smash photographer

Of course, regardless of what the weather is doing, I am lucky enough to have a ray of sunshine in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio whenever I’m working. These little ones are so much fun and always a highlight! About a month ago I had Adeline and her parents (Lili and Jordan) in the studio for Adeline’s one-year baby photography session. We had a blast together!

Adeline was super smiley and happy the entire session, which was great. Sometimes kiddos this age have developed a little bit of stranger danger and it can take them a while to warm up to me. But Adeline had no problem working the camera! She had the most adorable little head tilt and liked sticking her tongue out. So cute! Those eyes sparkled with fun from start to finish, and those pigtails just topped it all off. 😊

eugene oregon baby portrait photographer

We got some really cute milestone photos during the first part of this baby and child photography session. Some of them were portraits of the birthday girl by herself, and some of them were shots with mom and dad. Love the way they turned out! I love capturing the personalities of these little ones. Kids this age are just so honest and open. Even though their mood can change in an instant, at least you always know exactly how they’re feeling! I was glad Adeline felt comfortable and had fun during our time together.

eugene oregon baby and family photographer

Once we had our portraits, it was time for some cake smash photography! I’d created a setup that was simple but still celebratory, with lots of pretty pinks and peaches, and ordered a cake to match. Adeline loved her cake! She actually kept it pretty tidy for the most part—focusing on eating it instead of smashing it—but she still managed to get some frosting on her face so we could record that sticky smile!

It was great to celebrate this sweet birthday girl’s special day with her. Happy birthday, Adeline!

eugene oregon cake smash photographer

Interested in a cake smash photography session? It’s a great way to celebrate a major milestone in your little one’s life! If you’d like, we can combine your cake smash session with a regular milestone photo session. This is what we went with for Adeline, and is a great option if you’d like some baby portraits and/or want to include parents and siblings in your images as well as having some fun birthday pictures. If you just want to focus on the birthday boy or girl and their special day, I also offer cake smash only sessions.

And of course, if you’re at a different stage of life right now, I also offer maternity, newborn, and family sessions. At Shanna Chess Photography, we have all your portrait photography needs covered! Contact us to learn more.

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