Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Eugene Oregon baby and child photographer: 6 months with Zya!

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know the holidays are looking different for a lot of folks this year, but every time I do a photoshoot I’m reminded that family is the most important thing and as long as we have each other we have a lot to celebrate! Of course, as a baby photographer I also believe that nothing spreads good cheer quite like pictures of adorable little ones. 😊 Although I did this milestone photography session a couple of months back, sharing these pictures seems like the perfect way to usher in December. Cutest baby girl ever!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

Zoe and Andrew had to wait a long time to bring little Zya to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. She was born in March, just a week or so after I had to close the studio due to COVID. Since things were so uncertain and up in the air at the time, mom and dad decided to just hold off until Zya was six months old instead of doing a delayed newborn session. Sometimes if you’ve missed the newborn window, waiting until 6-9 months to do baby pictures can be a great idea. Babies can usually sit up mostly unassisted by that age, so it gives us more options and variety as far as posing and props. Plus, at that age babies also tend to be super smiley and haven’t really developed stranger danger yet, making it really easy to capture all kinds of adorable images.

eugene oregon baby portraits

I was hoping that that would be the case with Zya—and she did not disappoint! She was such a happy baby and had so much fun during our baby and child photography milestone session. She loved tummy time and sitting up by herself. What a big girl! She also gave me the cutest expressions and made us all laugh. I’m sure there is never a dull moment at their house.

Although I’m sad we couldn’t do a newborn session back in March, I’m so glad that I still got to see Zya and her parents in the studio and that we could capture these adorable pictures! Although this year has been crazy, it’s also been pretty inspiring to see how people adjust to the changes and carry on. Zoe and Andrew may have had to change Zya’s session date, but we still got to have a wonderful session and I know these images will be a treasure for them.

eugene oregon family and baby photographer

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