Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Simon!

 This little guy was wonderful for this newborn photography mini session. What a cutie! It was so great to have this little sweetheart in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. He was such a good baby and it was a pleasure to create these images for him and his parents. Enjoy the photos!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Mom and Dad brought Simon in for pictures back in October. He needed some extra time under the lights at the hospital so we had to delay his session for a few days, but it was no problem. I’m just glad I got to see him!

Simon had some jaundice going on, but you’d never know it to look at our finished baby pictures. Parents sometimes worry that they won’t be able to get good photos if baby is jaundiced, but it’s not actually something I shy away from at all. It’s not difficult to edit that yellow tone to a very natural, warm skin tone, so I just take care of it on the computer after our session. By the time you see your finished gallery, you’ll never be able to tell!

One of the advantages to jaundice (for a newborn photographer) is that jaundiced babies also tend to be really sleepy. And sleepy is exactly what I want when I’m doing baby portraits! A sleepy baby is super easy to work with and allows me to get all those cute poses that parents want. That’s exactly what happened with Simon: Happy baby, happy parents, and happy photographer. It’s a win-win!

newborn baby pictures eugene oregon

You can’t go wrong with blue for boys, so we did a traditional color scheme with lots of navy blue. We also did a few lighter shots with neutral colors—always a good option since neutrals are so versatile. If you’re planning to use your finished portraits as home d├ęcor, I’d definitely recommend a few shots in neutral colors. That way you know you’ll be able to use them in pretty much any room.

Simon was nice and curly, which meant we could get the froggy pose (a favorite!) and curly tummy shots with his toes tucked right up to his chin. Super adorable! Loved every minute with him.

People sometimes ask me what a mini session is. This is a perfect example of what you can get with a mini newborn photography shoot. Basically it’s a shorter session (up to one hour) and focuses exclusively on baby. Although there are fewer setups and you don’t get parent/family shots, you can see that you still get a beautiful variety of professional baby portraits. Plus, since the price is all-inclusive, you don’t have to order images separately: all of my mini sessions include five high-resolution digital images.

If you’re interested in professional portraiture, please get in touch with me! I’m an award-winning Eugene, Oregon photographer who specializes in maternity, family, baby and child, and newborn photography. Whatever stage of life your family is in, I’d love to record those precious memories! Can’t wait to hear from you!


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