Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: Brothers milestone session with Zeplin and Ozzy!

 It was so fun to see one of my favorite families again back at the beginning of April. Samantha and Christopher brought both of their boys, Ozzy and Zeplin, for some baby and child photography, since they were both celebrating milestones! Zeplin was turning two years old and Ozzy had just hit his 6-month milestone. Seriously, where does the time go?

Eugene Oregon 6-month baby photographer

I first met this family when they brought Zeplin to see me for his 6-month baby pictures, and I’ve been photographing them ever since! Once you find a photographer you love, it’s a great idea to stick with them for all of your portraits, if possible. It gives your photos consistency in style, so they’ll always look wonderful displayed together in frames or an album. And it can also make kiddos more comfortable going to a photographer they’re familiar with and have gotten to know. I love seeing my repeat clients year after year—or even more frequently!

These boys are always so happy and smiley—I loved working with them again. And it was extra fun to have them both in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio at the same time so we could do sibling photos! We took the opportunity to recreate some of the pictures from Zeplin’s 6-month session. We had done the bed setup with him, so we did that again with the two brothers. They are too cute, and I love comparing the adorable shots from both sessions. (Check out Zeplin’s earlier session here if you want to do the same!)

Eugene Oregon sibling photography

Zeplin had so much energy and was just as happy as I remembered from last time. He has the biggest smile! He wasn’t big on sitting still (what two-year-old is, right?) but fortunately kiddos don’t have to pose for us to get great shots. As a Eugene Oregon baby and child photographer, I’ve learned to just roll with whatever these little ones want to do. Candid shots are the best—and trust me, you’ll love looking back on photos like these and remembering how energetic and wiggly your kiddo was!

Eugene Oregon children's photographer

Ozzy wasn’t totally sure about the camera at first, but he warmed up in no time and we got such cute pictures! (He also loved the swing!)

It was so great to do the baby and child milestone photos for these two adorable brothers! It’s always a treat to have them in the studio and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. Can’t wait until the next time!

Eugene Oregon baby photographer

Interested in professional milestone baby and child photography for your little one (or two)? Please contact me! I offer milestone sessions for all ages and stages of childhood, from newborn and 6-month photos all the way to high school portraits. Take a look at my gallery for examples. I offer milestone sessions both outdoors or in the studio, and as you can see, if you have more than one kiddo I’m happy to do sibling portraits featuring all the sweet kiddos in your family.  

I hope you’ll choose Shanna Chess Photography for all your Eugene, Oregon photography needs. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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