Eugene, Oregon Photographer: Raelee's Nursery

We have been hard at work on our daughter's nursery who is arriving is about 8 weeks or less!  I'm happy to say that it is as done as it is going to be until after she arrives.  I have a few things I want to do but it will need to wait for her newborn pictures and until we know when she is born and her stats.

I wanted to share the pictures here--I love looking at nursery photos when I'm pregnant and thought maybe someone could get inspiration from Raelee's aqua, coral and yellow nursery :)

Door going into room.  Wood frame bought plain from Michael's--finished by me :)
Wooden letters covered in yarn by me, embroidery hoops with fabric and fabric buntings done by me with fabric scraps from crib bedding.  Crib sheet and skirt made by iviebaby on Etsy.

Crib was also our older daughter's.  We bought from Shopko a couple years ago--DaVinci Parker 4 in 1

Prints were made by my wonderful graphic designer sister Tanya (visit her Etsy shop here.) and put in Ikea frames.  Lamp is also from Ikea.  Bird piggy bank is from Target, tissue box cover is from Head to Toe on Etsy.  Curtains from Exclusive Elements on Etsy as well.  The dresser was mine from when I was a teenager :)

Canvas print made by my wonderful sister, Lea :)  Glider was also my older daughter's and we bought from a local baby boutique--Best Chairs Storytime Series Patoka chair.  Quilt was also made by iviebaby on Etsy.

Shelves are from Target, bookshelf and baskets from Ikea.  

The two candles I bought years ago and had them in different rooms--the colors worked out so they now are in Raelee's room :)  The plaques, frames with quotes, and the R plaque were made by me.  On the top shelf is one of my favorite childhood books that is falling apart, so I keep it out of toddler hands :)  My husband's baby book is on the bottom along with a book that was given to my older daughter but not very toddler friendly either :)  She doesn't have a high up spot in her room so I'm just keeping it in Raelee's for now.

The flower prints were also done by my sister, Tanya and they are in more Ikea frames.  I made the mobile with doilies and fabric scraps.  The clock is from Target.  Changing table is also DaVinci bought at the same time as the crib.

Changing pad cover also made by iviebaby on Etsy.

This is the door going out to the hallway.  The closet is to the left.  Dahlia flower hanging is from Bed Buggs on Etsy.

I also got this night light by Star Lights by Amber on Etsy.  It is plugged in by the crib so I didn't get a very good picture of it in the room.  (Image from her Etsy shop)

I absolutely love how it all came out :)  Now to just wait until she arrives so we can put the room to use!

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