I know--my pictures are missing :(

Please bare with me.  I am trying to figure out Google+ and I noticed there were pictures that I uploaded to this blog on there.  I only saw really old images and things like my logo or the background design that I uploaded when I first opened my business.  So I deleted them from Google+.  Apparently, that deletes them, and ALL OF MY PHOTOS EVER UPLOADED from this blog as well :(  Yes, I am yelling. This will take a very long time and some images are off my computers and on my external hard drive by now. I need to decide how far back I am wanting to fix the posts.

So I am slowly re-uploading and editing blog posts from the past almost 2 years.  Ugh.  It may take a while.  All the pictures can be seen in my portfolio here.  Sorry and thanks for your understanding!

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