Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Maternity Photographer: Lindsey in Lace

Ever since finding out my baby sister was pregnant earlier last year, I knew I would want her to model one of my maternity gowns.  I purchased two gowns and wanted one modeled outdoors and one in the studio to show potential clients an idea of how their photos would turn out with the gowns during their maternity sessions with me.  Since my sister was due in the Winter, I had a different model wear one gown outdoors back in September (see her blog post here).  And I saved my white lace gown for Lindsey to wear in the studio.  And I have to say:  DROP.DEAD.GORGOUS!  I really wanted to try out a new backlighting technique I was learning about--also called "dream lighting," so I thought it would be perfect with the gown.

eugene springfield oregon maternity photography
I'll also start out this post with a screen shot of my sister's Facebook page.  Yes, she is my sister.  I am probably a little biased towards her and she is probably biased towards me as well.  But I like to think we are both pretty honest people.  I know if she didn't like the photos, she would have asked that I not share them--which I told her ahead of time if she didn't like them, I wouldn't share.  And she isn't the type of person to say or write things unless she means them.  So reading this felt really great :)  And I wanted to share for other expecting mamas out there that are a little apprehensive about doing a maternity session.  

eugene springfield oregon maternity photography testimonial

Like I told Lindsey, especially with first time moms, there are not many opportunities other than pregnancy, to have such special photographs taken of yourself.  Schedule your session.  I promise you will have fun during the session and you will love your photos forever :)

eugene springfield oregon maternity photographer

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