Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Newborn Photographer: Welcome Oliver!

Little Oliver was 3 weeks early and put his poor mama though the ringer before birth and delivery.  But he is so so worth it :)  All barely over 5 pounds of him!  He gave me a little trouble in the beginning of the session and didn't want to sleep.  But I won out, I always do!  And the session was complete 1.5 hours later!  Woohoo!  Enjoy this sweet little guy.

eugene springfield oregon newborn photographer froggy pose

eugene springfield oregon newborn photography military parents
eugene springfield oregon newborn photographer taco pose

I also wanted to add a little snippet of info for those confused when I refer to an image as a "Composite" on my Facebook page.  This pose is called the "froggy pose" and I always have baby's head supported the entire time with help from an assistant (usually Dad or Mom).  A baby's head weighs about 25% of their body weight and a baby should never be expected to support that weight and balance.  So this image is completed in Photoshop by merging the 2 images at the top together to get the final result. 

eugene springfield oregon newborn photographer how to froggy pose

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