Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Photographer: Spring Mini Sessions at Detering Orchards

I've always been envious of Salem and Portland photographers who can do beautiful sessions down by the water with the numerous cherry trees when they blossom.  Eugene doesn't have cherry trees like that and I really really wanted to do photo sessions with tree blossoms.  And then, an epiphany!  We have apple orchards!  And not just any apple orchards, but the beautiful Detering Orchards!  Last year I got a hold of the owner, Becky.  She is seriously just the sweetest woman!  She was so welcoming and I think as excited as I was for the photo sessions!  The only problem was I contacted her right after the trees blossomed.  So I had to wait almost an entire year.  But the time came, and with multiple days prior spent stressing about the weather, we got super duper lucky and had zero rain during all 10 sessions Saturday and Sunday!  It actually started down pouring as I was driving away after my last session on Sunday.  Yay!  So without further ado, here are pictures from each session.  I am so lucky to have such nice and beautiful clients :)  Enjoy!

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