Eugene and Springfield, Oregon Maternity Photographer: Amanda in the streets

I had a vision.  And I love when I get to make my visions come to life.  I'm always nervous trying new things because I have no idea if it is going to live up to what I have in my mind.  This session did not disappoint.  I was inspired by Meg Bitton--she's a photographer in New York who sometimes takes women barely clothed and pregnant into the streets.  She produces beautiful art with this combination and I have always admired it.  Sometimes contrast is just what I need to feed my creative side.  Contrast not just in colors...but the tenderness and sweetness of nurturing a baby during pregnancy against the urban streets.  Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)  Suddenly, I thought, "Why can't I do this in Eugene?  Sure, we aren't Manhattan, but we have streets!  We have cars!  And we have beautiful pregnant women too!"  So that's how this all started.  

Don't worry, Amanda was never in danger.  I timed the crosswalks during red lights and we had 34 seconds--that's an eternity when it comes to photographs since they happen in 1/200 of a second or less.  It was almost too much time to get the shots I wanted!  So when the lights turned red, out into the middle of the street we went, along with my assistant, Keanna.  We soon found out that the stoplights in downtown Eugene are timed just too perfectly and when the light first turned red, we didn't have many cars in the background.  They showed up right before the light turned green again.  So with some fine tuned timing, we were able to get the shots after a few red lights.  

Just imagine, a barely dressed gorgeous pregnant woman in sexy heels standing in the middle of the crosswalk while you are waiting for the light to turn green.  And up about 20 yards or so in the middle of the street is a photographer kneeling to get her shot.  And another woman tossing the gown into the air.  Needless to say, we got a few hollers from passerby admirers and quite a few laughs ourselves.   It was so much fun.  And then even more fun when I was able to get home and upload the photos.  I don't think anyone can argue the fact that these images are gorgeous!  Enjoy!

eugene springfield oregon maternity photographer

eugene springfield oregon maternity photography

eugene springfield oregon maternity photographer streets downtown

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  1. Stunning Maternity photography out of Eugene Oregon!!!!