Eugene, Oregon Baby, Child and Family Photographer: Christmas Minis at the Holly Farm

I was so excited to use this location!  I usually go to different Christmas tree farms around the Eugene area and I like the setup to look different every year.  And on my way out to Belknap Hot Springs this Summer, I drove past Spring Creek Holly Farm and thought it would be a gorgeous backdrop for my outdoor minis.  It has a beautiful white farmhouse and white fence around the property.  Dick and Martha, the owners, are just an adorable couple and they were so happy to share their beautiful piece of this Earth with myself and my clients :)

I decided to do outdoor sessions in October this year and loved the idea of making a make-shift bedroom in the middle of a Holly Farm.  So of course that meant Christmas Jammies!  Which are actually very difficult to find in October!  But many of my clients were able to and I just loved how they turned out.  And it was a beautiful Fall day so perfect weather!  Santa was even available again this year and was happy about the earlier date as well since he gets busier the closer to Christmas we get!

I was so pleasantly surprised by the holly trees.  I guess I always imagined them as bushes, but when I visited the farm to figure out where I was going to set up, I saw they are huge!  Tall as the evergreen trees in our backyard :)  Which is great in providing shade for midday sun.

I am already planning my sessions for next year!  I just love doing these and I know my clients love them as well.  Just remember, I open them up to current clients first and I have sold out in HOURS the last 2 years and new clients don't even get a chance to book.  So if you want the in for next year, make sure to schedule a session for this year so you'll get on my client list ;)  Enjoy!

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eugene springfield oregon photographer baby family child
eugene springfield oregon photography baby family child

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