Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Asher is ONE!

Hello again, Asher!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

I did a newborn photography session with Asher when he was brand new to the world, so it was a real treat to see him in the studio again for his one year baby pictures. How time flies! I can’t believe an entire year has come and gone. He is getting to be such a big boy—and so handsome, too. Enjoy the pictures!

Asher came in to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio with his mom and his older brother, Killian, a couple of months ago. Killian is an awesome big brother. I could tell he loves Asher so much and is a big help to his family. Asher has a great example to look up to as he gets older!

Asher and Killian’s dad is Dr. Binder at 360 Dental. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to make the shoot, but he is a great dad and a great dentist, and has some of my work hung up in his office waiting room. If you’re ever in the area you should check it out! 

I always enjoy combining baby photography sessions with family photography by including parents and siblings in a few of the pictures, and Asher’s session was no exception. Asher and his mom and big brother look so great together. I think Asher takes after his mom, don’t you? They both have that perfect golden skin—and, of course, beautiful smiles! He has many great features from his dad too.

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

I also love the photo of Asher and Killian together. Such a sweet picture, with both of them looking so happy—and you can see just from the one shot what an affectionate big brother Killian is. I have a feeling that a lot of fun and adventures await these boys as they grow up. They’re going to have a ball with each other! (Actually, I think they already do.) 

We used a variety of props for Asher’s session, but I think his blue and white outfit gives the whole thing a bit of a nautical feel. It ties together nicely with the little fishing boat we used for one of the pictures, complete with net and anchor, and even the gray background of overlapping circles is reminiscent of bubbles or fish scales. Seafaring schemes are always fun, especially for little boys, and it was great that it came together sort of serendipitously like that. 

I always love being a baby and child photographer for kiddos I’ve worked with before. It’s such a neat experience to see them as they grow and mature, and to reconnect with them and their families. It’s a privilege to be a part of their lives and entrusted with documenting the important milestones in their development. I was so happy to see Asher and his mom and brother in my studio again, and had a wonderful time working with them. Asher is a very cheerful little guy and we all had fun as we decided how to record and celebrate his being part of the world for a whole entire year!

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