Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Cooper is ONE!

I am excited to reintroduce you to Cooper!

eugene oregon baby photographer

Isn’t that the cutest toothy grin you ever saw? Makes me laugh every time I look at it. He is such a handsome cowboy in his blue and red plaid shirt. 

Cooper is another little one that I photographed as a newborn, and, once again, it’s amazing how quickly time passes when kids are this age! I just shake my head at how much they change in such a short period of time. I really enjoyed having Cooper and his family in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio for another round of great pictures and great memories! 

Cooper’s dad has been a good friend of mine for many years. In fact, my husband and I named him godfather to our eldest daughter when she was born. So it was extra special to have him, his wife, and little Cooper in for Cooper’s one year baby and child photography session. They are such a sweet family and we got some great pictures. Of course, Cooper was the star of the show this time around, but he’s not going to be the only child for long! His mom and dad are expecting a new baby later this year (September, to be exact), and we made sure to get a photograph of the whole family, complete with sonogram pictures, to announce the coming arrival. I’m so excited for them! It’s such a thrilling experience to see a family grow and change. Life just gets better and better!

It will be interesting to see how Cooper reacts to a new sibling. It’s always an adjustment for the oldest kiddo to find that they have to share mom and dad’s love and attention. I think the bottom middle picture may be evidence that he has mixed feelings on the subject. What do you think? Only kidding. I’m sure Cooper will love the new baby when it comes, and that he will make an awesome big brother, too. 

eugene oregon baby photographer
Cooper was an especially fun subject to photograph because he has such an expressive face. As I looked through the photos I realized that he seems to have a different expression in every picture: every time I thought he was out of new faces he pulled a new one. Do I sense a class clown in the making? We kept props to a minimum in this shoot, but Cooper’s wide range of facial expressions provided plenty of variety! No need to keep switching out props and backgrounds when you’ve got a face like his. He is such a funny little guy. I just love him. 

It is always a wonderful treat to have old friends in the studio. Cooper’s family and I had an amazing time together, and I am already looking forward to September, when I can use my skills as a newborn photographer to help them welcome the newest member of their growing family! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures—keep an eye out for more later this year!

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