Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Clara

Everyone, meet Clara! Isn't she adorable?

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph this sweet baby girl the day after Christmas. What a great way to celebrate the holiday season! Newborn photography is one of my absolute favorites—there’s something so special about capturing that time of brand new life—and I loved every minute of the session I spent with Clara and her family. I hope you enjoy the resulting photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!

I photographed Clara’s big sister, Amelia, about 18 months ago, when she was just a wee little one herself, so it was wonderful to see their whole family in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon again as they welcomed the newest member. It’s clear that little Clara fits right in and brings so much joy to her parents and big sis. They were a lovely group to photograph.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Speaking of the big sis, I couldn’t believe how much Amelia had grown! Time goes so fast. It never ceases to amaze me how much children grow and develop during those first few years of life, and although it can be somewhat bittersweet, I love it when clients come into my studio for multiple sessions and I get to be part of their growing up. Amelia is such a beautiful girl, and it’s easy to see that Clara is going to be just as pretty. Look at her precious face, perfect lips, and all that gorgeous dark hair she inherited from her mom!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I also loved the colors Clara’s mom chose to use for this session: that dusky pink seems to embrace the baby and sets off her dark hair to perfection, showing everybody how thick and beautiful it is. And the creamy pale sandstone Clara’s mom picked to accompany the pink is so mellow and soothing. It blends beautifully with the black and white photos and really creates a warm and relaxed feel. New babies are cute enough that they always steal the show, looking adorable against nearly any background, but lovely colors can really set the mood for a newborn photography session and help create perfect pictures that will bring back wonderful memories for many years to come. Clara’s photographs turned out beautifully. 

You can see from the photos that Clara is a great little sleeper. As a baby and child photographer it’s always an adventure to see how different children react to the idea of a photo shoot, but Clara was a very cooperative baby during the entire session—just as angelic as she looks! What a lucky mom and dad to have been blessed with such an easygoing baby! (I wonder if she sleeps this well at home?)
eugene oregon newborn photographer

I had a wonderful time with little Clara and her mom, dad, and sister, and hope to see them in the studio again. They are such a beautiful young family, and I was happy to be a part of their story as they continue their great adventure of parenthood, family, and life!

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