Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Bruno

Just look at this cutie pie! Everyone, please welcome Bruno!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I started 2017 off right by having Bruno in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for a newborn mini session a couple of days after we rang in the new year. It was so great to welcome a new year and a new life at the same time! This sweet little guy did a great job during the brief time he was with me in the studio. He slept through most of the session, but even when he woke up for a few minutes he was calm, happy, and cooperative, as you can see from the photo below. He even gave me that uncertain little half-smile to show off just how handsome he is. What a sweetheart!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Aren’t those the most gorgeous eyes? I love how they’re a perfect match for the fabric he’s bundled in. Is it too cliché to say that the fabric really brings out his eyes? Doesn’t matter. I’m going to say it anyway. Bruno’s eyes are so dark and pretty, and I love that we get to see them in this photo. Since new babies sleep so much, newborn photography generally features contentedly slumbering infants, and it’s rare that a baby will both wake up and still be happy enough to look positively angelic for photographs. Bruno really knows how to work the camera. It was so fun to be able to capture that brief minute of wakefulness. He looks very thoughtful, doesn’t he?

One of the things that brings me the greatest joy in my profession as a baby and child photographer is the opportunity I have to meet these precious little ones. It brings back memories of when my own sweet daughters were brand new to this world, and thanks to my job, I feel like I never really have to leave that era of life behind. It is a happy challenge to try to catch those fleeting moments of infancy and childhood in lasting images that these children and their families can look back on with fondness for many years to come. I sometimes wish I could make time stand still, but baby and child photography will probably be as close as I ever get!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I had a wonderful time working with Bruno—he did a fantastic job for me, and his pictures turned out great. Even with a mini session and minimal props we were able to get a nice variety of pictures. Besides, when you’re as good-looking as Bruno, how many props do you need? Aside from his “wakeful photograph,” I especially like that black and white one in the bottom right-hand corner. It’s such a cute pose, and Bruno looks so adorably deep in dreamland. Hopefully I will get to see him again as he grows up and be able to record more of those special moments for little Bruno and his family. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at his photographs, because I sure enjoyed taking them!

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