Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Evan!

Say hello to Evan! 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

This adorable baby boy came in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon with his mom, dad, and older sister for a newborn photography session around the middle of January. It was a pleasure working with him and his family! Evan was a happy little guy, as you can see, and did a great job during the session. Don’t you love that cheeky smile? Whatever he’s dreaming, I sure wish I could see it!

As well as being happy and well-behaved, Evan is as handsome as they come. I love his soft, thick, brown hair—there’s so much of it! The brown overalls don’t hurt any either. He has the cutest little nose, and his contented grin is contagious—I dare you not to smile whenever he does! He just looks so darned happy…with maybe just a touch of mischief in there too. Look out, mom and dad!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Evan’s parents chose a Paddington Bear theme for his nursery—such a cute idea for a little boy—so we made sure to tie that in with his session using teddy bears (including the marmalade-loving, duffel coat-wearing Paddington Bear himself), a suitcase, and the tree stump. We also used a soft yellow blanket in the tree stump, reminiscent of another famous bear’s love of honey, and of Paddington’s partiality to marmalade. And, of course, no bear theme would be truly complete without a hat with bear ears. There’s no danger of this little guy getting left behind at Paddington Station…it’s tough to even take your eyes off this much cuteness! 

We also squeezed in some baby and child photography during the session, featuring Evan and his sister, as well as a nice family shot. They look fantastic together, don’t they? It was especially fun to watch Evan’s big sister interact with him. She clearly loves her new baby brother to pieces, and it was sweet to see how gentle she was with him. Evan is lucky to have such a wonderful sis, and I’m sure she’ll do a great job looking after him as he gets older. It was a treat for me to capture their budding relationship as siblings.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

 We used an old-fashioned baby buggy for Evan to snooze in while his sister posed for the shots. Aren’t they so sweet together? I love her frilly dress and golden curls. She is really a beautiful little girl. I think these brother and sister photos have a somewhat Victorian feel, which is obviously a bit earlier than Paddington’s era, but still ties in nicely with the gently retro/British feel of this newborn photography shoot. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was a real pleasure having Evan and his parents and sister in the studio with me. I love my job as a newborn photographer and I think with these pictures it’s easy to see why. I am so lucky to be able to spend my days with wonderful families and adorable babies, and to use my skills as a photographer in such a rewarding way! I hope you enjoy the photos!

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