Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Kristina is ONE!

Kristina is one!

Kristina and her family were new to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon, and it was so wonderful to meet them for the first time in early March of this year. They are such a sweet family!

As a baby and child photographer, it’s always interesting to see the reactions of different kiddos to the idea of a photo shoot. I never quite know what they’re going to think of me. Kristina needed a little time to warm up. She didn’t seem to know what to make of the strange lady who kept sticking a camera in her face! Who can blame her, right? She got used to the attentions of the paparazzi pretty quickly though, and we were able to get a lot of really cute shots, as you can see. I hope you enjoy them!

eugene oregon baby photographer

Kristina is a very quick crawler and is just learning to master that strange new method of locomotion—walking. It turned out that the day I met her was a milestone in her life, and not just because she was one year old: she took more steps during our baby photography session than she had at any other time. So exciting! Do you think it’s possible she was showing off for the camera? Maybe, but if she loves the camera it’s clear that the camera loves her right back! Isn’t she such a cutie pie? I love her big blue eyes and that toothy grin. And the tiny little ponytail on top of her head—adorable! 

We used a beach scene as one of our backdrops, and dressed Kristina up in a sparkly mermaid outfit. She definitely got the beach vibe and decided to give us a little sampling of her hula dance skills, which I caught in the top right photo below. Look at that coy expression on her face. I think it’s her way of saying, “Yep. I’m cute and I know it!”

eugene oregon baby photographer

I think the black and white picture just below her dancing mermaid photo may be my favorite from this baby and child photography session. That wide-eyed expression of baby innocence and her little head tilt and crooked smile are the best! 

I really love the family shots we got of Kristina with her mom and dad. The family was so color-coordinated in navy blue, and with the dark backdrop I think the pictures turned out fantastic. Kristina’s flowery dress and the little yellow bucket add just the right splash of color. Kristina and her parents look so perfect together, don’t they?
eugene oregon baby photographer

It was such a great experience to meet this wonderful family and welcome them to my photography studio. It’s always fun to work with new people—especially folks as nice as this. Once Kristina warmed up to me she seemed to decide that posing for the camera was a lot of fun! I had a great time photographing Kristina and hope I will see this beautiful young lady and her mom and dad in my studio again soon!

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