Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Qais

Everyone, please join me in welcoming Qais!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was such a treat to have this sweet baby boy in my photography studio in February of this year. Qais’s parents are from Saudi Arabia, so there was something of a language barrier to overcome during this session, but they were such sweet people! I really enjoyed working with them. It’s always a wonderful experience to help welcome a new member of the family, no matter what language is spoken!

I have to say, as a newborn photographer I am used to seeing cute and adorable babies, (although it never gets old), but this little guy was downright handsome—there’s no other word for it.

As you check out the photographs you’ll see that Qais has the most amazing full lips, beautiful dark eyelashes, and so much soft dark hair! He is very long and lean too, so I think he’s going to be Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome when he grows up. His skin is naturally a lovely golden brown color—which, by the way, made editing his pictures so easy. I mean, really, who needs editing when you’re as good looking as this young man?

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Qais was such a good little sleeper throughout our newborn photography session. As you can see from the photos below, although he traveled to the moon and back in his hot air balloon, he slept through the entire trip. Plenty of time for adventures after nap time, right?
eugene oregon newborn photographer

Even though he slept most of the time, Qais did manage to get his sleepy little eyes open for one or two shots—and what big beautiful eyes they are! It’s a bit of a rarity in newborn photography to get a picture where baby is both awake and not crying (I’m sure any parent of a newborn will back me up on that), so it was extra special to capture the above black and white photograph of Qais looking curiously out at the world from the safety of loving arms. 

We chose to stay mainly with the traditional blue for boys in this newborn photography session, but lightened it up a bit with yellow and mint green. I think it turned out really well and gave a fun and gentle feel to the shoot. 

I especially like this picture below. Even in sleep, Qais looks so thoughtful, like he’s meditating on some of the deep questions of the universe. This photo also shows off his gorgeous eyelashes to perfection!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

And I think this outfit is so cute! Love that blue and gray mix. You can really see how long and perfect Qais’s arms and legs are in this shot too.
eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was so wonderful to have this baby boy and his parents in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon. I had a great time photographing Qais and being part of his welcoming committee to the world! He is such a sweet little guy and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures of this sweetheart. Come back for more soon!

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