Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Carter

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. As a newborn photographer I get to celebrate new life almost every day, and since that’s so much of what Easter is about I think it’s an extra special holiday. Speaking of which, I also have an extra special little boy for all of you to meet. Please join me in welcoming Carter to the blog!

Isn’t he a sweetheart?

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Carter’s mama and I worked together many years ago when I was a grocery store manager, and it was great to have her and her new little one in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon about a month ago. Carter’s mother is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, and I think she has passed on her warm personality to her son. Just like his mom when I worked with her at the grocery store, Carter was so sweet and easy to work with during our newborn mini session

Carter was also so small! He decided to make his grand entry into the world a little early, which meant that even though he is a perfectly formed baby he didn’t have the extra time to fatten up before birth that most little ones do. As a result, you’ll see that he doesn’t have the rolls of baby fat we’re used to seeing in full term infants. Instead, he has the most adorable little skin wrinkles. I think they’re so cute, don’t you? I am sure he will grow into them, but for now I’m loving that slightly saggy baggy look he has going. Not everyone could pull it off, but Carter can!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Since this newborn photography session was a mini session, props were pretty minimal, but we did use some flowy blankets, a rustic bucket, and, of course, lots of soft and fuzzy hats to keep baby’s head warm and add an extra element of cuteness—if such a thing is possible. I can’t decide which hat is my favorite: he looks so good in all of them!

I also love the look of intense concentration on Carter’s face—even when he’s sleeping! I think it’s those cute little baby wrinkles on his forehead and under his eyes that give him that expression, but whatever it is that does it, you’ve got to agree that it’s absolutely adorable!

It was such a treat to have Carter in my photography studio, and to be able to see his mom again. I love reconnecting with people and seeing the changes in their lives—especially amazing changes like a new baby! I’m so happy for Carter’s mama, both because she’s been blessed with this little one, and because this little one has such a wonderful personality! I think two sweet and easygoing people like this are destined to be extremely happy together. 

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of this tiny, precious boy, because I certainly enjoyed taking them! There’s nothing like baby pictures to lift your mood and put a bright spot in your day!

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