Thursday, May 11, 2017

Eugene, Oregon maternity photographer: Jennifer

With Mother’s Day coming up I think it’s the perfect time to share photographs from my most recent maternity shoot with you!

I met Jennifer and her husband, Adam, last month for this maternity photography session at Fern Ridge Lake. For those unfamiliar with the area, Fern Ridge is a local reservoir that is a popular spot for sailing, water skiing, and other water sports—who knew it could also make such a great backdrop for photography?

eugene oregon maternity photographer

Jennifer, our gorgeous mother-to-be, brought her own maternity gown for the session, and I absolutely fell in love with it! The teal color is so deep and vibrant—a true jewel tone. It’s both bright and elegant, and stands out in beautiful contrast against the greens, browns, and grays of the area around the lake, but it also brings out the blue of the hills in the background and gives these maternity photographs a feeling of cohesiveness and flow that is really wonderful. I also think the teal is the perfect choice for Jennifer’s skin tone. She looks absolutely stunning in it, and after seeing how well it worked for this session I think I need one for my photography studio!

Jennifer and Adam are new to the Eugene area, and so far they like it! I’m so glad they’re starting their family here and hope they will be super happy. Sure, it can get a little damp sometimes, but that’s the price you pay for lovely lakes and lush greenery, right? It really is a beautiful spot. Given the time of year and Oregon’s well-earned reputation for rain though, we actually lucked out (a lot) with the weather. You never quite know what you’re going to get around here, but it turned out to be a gorgeous evening. I think even the slightly overcast sky helped us out in creating a very soothing, muted background that gives Jennifer pride of place in every shot.
eugene oregon maternity photographer

This is such an exciting time of life for a couple, and a truly amazing and tender time for the mom-to-be in particular. I love that as a maternity photographer I get to interact with women at this beautiful, and yes, even sexy, stage. Pregnancy sometimes feels long, (believe me, I know!) but it really is such a brief period of time, so it’s wonderful to capture that special stage of a woman’s life and everything associated with it.

Jennifer and Adam are a great couple and I really enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them a little bit through this maternity photography session. Jennifer actually had their little boy a month earlier than expected and I was recently able to welcome him to my studio for some newborn photography! I'll be sharing his pictures soon, so keep an eye out!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of this beautiful woman at such an exciting and joyful time! I am so happy for Jennifer and Adam and wish them and their new little one all the best!

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