Eugene, Oregon baby photographer: Michael is ONE!

Happy birthday, Michael!

eugene oregon baby photographer

I can’t believe that an entire year has passed since I had this little guy in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for his newborn photography session. The time has flown by and once again I am amazed at how much babies grow and change in one short year. It was so much fun to have Michael in the studio again and to celebrate his first year of life with a birthday cake smash!

Michael’s newborn photography session was a mini session, so it was just him in the photos, but his family decided to go for a full session this time, so his wonderful siblings got to be in the pictures as well. It was great to meet the rest of the family. They are awesome and Michael is super lucky to be part of such a great group of people. And what a good-looking bunch too! I love the casual Western look Michael and his siblings have going.  

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

Michael’s first birthday party was a barnyard bash theme, so we tied that into his cake smash photography session as well with a barn door backdrop, cow print balloons, and a birthday cake frosted with a cow pattern. Michael also dressed up for the occasion in his cowboy gear, complete with blue jeans and neckerchief. He was a great little trooper throughout the entire session—super smiley and adorable the whole time. He also had fun smashing his cake—and, as you can see in the top left photograph below, did a very thorough job—but it didn’t last long before he decided he’d had enough and was ready for something else. Just as well: His big brother and sister were excited to bring what was left of the cake home with them, and if Michael had kept at it much longer I’m not sure there would have been anything left worth saving!

eugene oregon baby photographer

Although not in keeping with the barnyard theme, Michael’s mom had the idea of using the hot air balloon prop as a throwback to his newborn mini session. I thought it was a great idea and I love seeing the comparison! (Which also proves what I was saying about how much babies change in that time between newborn and one year old. Such a difference between that sleeping baby and the excited toddler he’s grown into! Still as adorable as ever though.) As you can see, Michael’s taste for adventure has grown along with him: Instead of snoozing in the basket, he’s now got his helmet and goggles on and is ready to fly! He’s even clapping his hands in anticipation. Such a cutie!

eugene oregon baby photographer

It was wonderful to welcome Michael back for some baby and child photography, and to work with his family as well. We all had a great time helping Michael celebrate, recording the occasion for years to come, and letting him know what a special part of our lives he is. I hope you’ve enjoyed the birthday photos of this handsome young man!

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