Oregon family photographer: Father's Day shoot at Lost Creek Covered Bridge

I had a great time last month doing a family photography session with Christina, Jesse, and their two adorable children, Lily and Theo. 

oregon family photographer

Christina wanted to do a special Father’s Day session as a gift to Jesse—which I think was such a fantastic idea! What better way to celebrate fatherhood than to give the gift of time with family, the creation of precious new memories, and a way to look back on those memories for years to come!

We held this family photography session at Lost Creek Covered Bridge (also known as Parvin Bridge) in southern Oregon. The bridge is quite a distance from my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon, but it is situated in a beautiful area and was well worth the drive. This is the shortest of all Oregon’s covered bridges, at thirty-nine feet, but that actually makes it great for photography as it allows plenty of light to pass through. Even in the photos where Christina and Jesse and their kids are standing under the covering of the bridge, there’s still lots of illumination, and the slight tunnel effect frames the shots beautifully. This is also reputed to be the oldest covered bridge in Oregon still standing, with a possible original build date of 1881, although it was significantly updated and possibly rebuilt in 1921, and continues to be well-maintained as a historical site, making it a picturesque place to shoot. 

Jesse and Christina both have motorcycles and love to ride. Motorcycles aren’t something I typically think of as family-friendly vehicles, but these two have managed to meld their love of motorcycles and their love of family together—everybody looks quite comfortable on the bikes, even baby Theo! 

oregon family photographer

In addition to their love of motorcycles, Christina and Jesse also love the area in which Lost Creek Covered Bridge is located. Southern Oregon has a dramatically different feel from Eugene (drier and sunnier, but still with the relatively mild climate that is one of the things I love about where I live) and it was fun to experience a different place. I also loved the rural setting and thought it worked perfectly with our Father’s Day/motorcycle theme. I frequently do photography shoots in the parks of Eugene and Springfield, but there’s definitely a different tone to the rural areas of Southern Oregon, and I loved being able to capture that. The bridge was a unique touch in this family photography session, and gave a sense of solidity to the photos that I think is great!

It was so much fun to get together with this family and celebrate Father’s Day with them in this special way. Jesse and Christina are great people—they love life, love having fun and being together, and have an interest in so many different things. Their kiddos are so sweet too, and super photogenic! They were a pleasure to work with. I’m so glad Christina asked me to be their family photographer for this unique gift—it was wonderful to be a part of something so meaningful for this Father’s Day celebration.

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