Springfield, Oregon maternity photographer: Courtney

I guess springtime in Oregon is the season of maternity photography! I have been doing several of these types of sessions lately—and I love it! There is such excitement in the anticipation of a new life, and it’s so fun to capture that mood on film.

springfield oregon maternity photographer

Courtney and Poul actually just had their second baby—a little boy—and I can't wait to have him in the studio! Back in late May they wanted to do a maternity photography session in anticipation of the big event. Here are the photos, and I hope you enjoy! This is such a cute little family! Courtney and Poul are such sweet people, and their daughter, Emma, is absolutely adorable. I’m sure she’s a wonderful big sister.

We held this maternity photography session at Dorris Ranch, a beautiful park and farm in Eugene’s sister city, Springfield, and a spot I have used as a photography site many times before. The tall, waving grass makes a gorgeous living backdrop, and the beautifully lined avenues of filbert trees that make up the orchard provide an amazing natural frame for photography subjects. There is also a replica of a pioneer log cabin and a Native American plank house—part of the “living history village” at Dorris Ranch—both of which give a rustic feel to photographs featuring them in the background.

springfield oregon maternity photographer

I think this site was a particularly good one for Courtney, as her brightly flowered dress and denim jacket already have a casual chic air. It’s accentuated perfectly by the country scenery. It was a bit overcast the day we held our session, but the vivid greens of the foliage at Dorris Ranch are rich enough to stand on their own without the illumination of bright sunshine. These photographs still turned out beautifully and have some lovely color contrasts—definitely helped by the cheerful pinks and blues of Courtney’s floral maternity dress.

Courtney has one of the cutest baby bellies I have ever seen! I think it’s because she’s so slender and petite, but during her pregnancy her belly stuck way out in front of her and formed a perfect bump. It made for some great profile shots as we did her maternity photography session, as the photo below illustrates perfectly.

springfield oregon maternity photographer

This is such an exciting time for Courtney, Poul and Emma as they welcome the newest member of their family to the world, and I am so excited for them! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of their journey as they add to their family, and to be there to record their story. I think that’s one of my favorite things about the types of photography I do—whether I’m acting as a maternity photographer, a newborn photographer, or a family photographer: I love helping people tell their stories. Every family and every life is special, and I’m honored every time I’m chosen to use my skills to help people celebrate and record their lives.

springfield oregon maternity photographer

I’m delighted that Courtney and Poul asked me to be their maternity photographer during this special time in their lives, and I wish them and their family every joy as they continue their adventure together!

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