Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Lillian!

I am super excited to be able to introduce you to Lillian! I have been waiting for this cutie’s arrival with great anticipation for several weeks now, and I’m so glad she’s finally here!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Isn’t she a sweetheart? You may remember her parents’ maternity session from last month, but if you missed it, be sure to check it out here. Summer and Ben did their maternity session at Zumwalt park and I had a wonderful time photographing them. I have been looking forward to meeting their little one ever since, and I’m happy to report that she arrived healthy, happy, and cute as a button! I loved being her newborn photographer, and I know you’re going to love her pictures!

It was wonderful for me to see Summer and Ben again and to catch up with them on all the changes that have happened in their lives since becoming parents! It’s the best thing in the world—but it definitely takes some getting used to. It was so great to welcome them and their new baby daughter to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon for Lillian’s newborn photography session.

Although extremely photogenic, Lillian wasn’t a huge fan of being posed. She did love being wrapped and held, so I think she must be a great little snuggler—always happiest when being cuddled in her mom or dad’s arms—but other than that she didn’t want to be bothered much. Despite her objections, we still managed to get some great pictures—through a combination of using lots of swaddling in the photographs, which is what she was most tolerant of, and dogged persistence!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I think the extra work paid off nicely, don’t you?

We went for a very basic, almost duochromatic color scheme for Lillian’s newborn photography session, and I really love the clarity and simplicity it brings to the photographs—most noticeably in the collage. The traditional pink and white, mixed with just a couple of black and white shots, is absolutely beautiful. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Oh, and speaking of absolutely beautiful, take a look at that lower righthand photograph just above. I always love it when I catch a shot of a newborn in a wakeful state, but Lillian makes it even better by putting on one of the cutest expressions I have ever seen! It’s just impossible not to fall in love with her. 

As I said, I love the straightforward color scheme of this newborn photography session, but we did branch out a bit into the realm of forget-me-not blue and violet in the shot below. I think these slightly richer colors also suit Lillian really well, and I love the way her sweet little lips are pursed in this picture. You can tell she’s humoring me, can’t you?

eugene oregon newborn photographer

I feel so lucky to have gotten to know Lillian and her family a little bit over the last few weeks. They’re great people—happy and down to earth—and I hope I get to work with them again. It’s been a real pleasure!

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