Saturday, October 7, 2017

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Thea!

Please join me in welcoming baby Thea to the blog!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Josh and Annabelle brought sweet Thea in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon along with big sister Annalise for Thea’s newborn photography session. I have been photographing this family since Annalise was a newborn, so it was wonderful to reconnect and celebrate Thea’s arrival with them. I’ve been looking forward to it for several months!

I also did a milk bath maternity session with Annabelle back in July while she was pregnant with Thea. If you missed the photos, you can see them here. During that maternity session we used lots of bright colors because Thea is a rainbow baby, and we also made sure to get a rainbow baby picture during Thea’s newborn photography session. The colors look especially striking with Thea’s dark, almost black hair.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Annabelle wanted to use some of the same props in Thea’s session that we used for Annalise when she was a newborn, including the wreath and baby carriage (if you’d like to check out Annalise’s newborn session you can do so here), but we made it original to Thea by changing up the color scheme. We used peach, peachy pink, navy blue, and muted yellow. These aren’t colors I would normally think of using together, but by balancing out the proportions of each color it actually turned out beautifully, and I ended up loving the dramatic contrast between the soft peach and the deep navy.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Annalise was so sweet with her new baby sister, and I got some great shots of them together. I think Thea and Annalise have some similar features, not least of which is that glorious dark hair they both inherited from their mama. They look so cute together and Annalise has had a fantastic smile ever since she was a newborn that I always love to capture whenever I photograph her! I also made sure to get some photos of the proud parents holding their new little one, which we incorporated into the collage. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was a lot of fun to get together with this family for Thea’s newborn photography session. I’m excited about Thea’s arrival just for the sake of Thea herself, of course, but I also love that it means I will probably see her family even more often as I photograph some of the events of her babyhood and childhood, just as I’ve been able to do for Annalise. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It is so enjoyable, and somehow rewarding, to follow the progress of children as they grow up. There are so many joyful memories and exciting moments. Every day seems to bring something new, and I think it’s so important to hold on to what you can even as you enjoy the whirl of the journey! I feel blessed as a newborn photographer and family photographer that I can be a small part of that growing up process and help people preserve those precious times. I’m sure there will be many of those great times for this family!

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