Friday, June 1, 2018

Eugene Oregon baby photographer: Bruxton is ONE!

I can’t believe Bruxton is one year old already! I have enjoyed watching him grow over the last year as I’ve photographed him. I did the maternity session for his parents, Jen and Adam, and then the newborn pictures when Bruxton arrived, and it’s just crazy that so much time has flown by and that this adorable little boy is growing up so fast! His mom and dad wanted to commemorate his first year with a birthday cake smash photography session, and we all had a great time together. 

eugene oregon baby photographer

Bruxton is such a cutie, and really wasn’t shy with me at all, which makes being his baby photographer super easy. I love his toothy little grin! He mostly liked his cake, and was successful at making a good-sized mess, gradually ending up with a completely demolished cake and blue frosting all over himself. I think the no shirt thing was a good call on mom and dad’s part! I’m all for less laundry.

eugene oregon baby photographer

Jen and Adam wanted a fishing and outdoorsy setup for Bruxton’s one year baby photography session, so we used my woodland backdrop for most of our photographs, and then pulled in my little boat and anchor props as well. I think Bruxton’s cutoff overalls were the perfect choice for the type of setup we were doing, and he looked so darned cute in them! He reminded me of Huckleberry Finn in that outfit, and I could just picture him whiling away hot summer afternoons on the river with a fishing pole in his hand. We even managed to find a Gone Fishing sign to hand around the little guy’s neck so everyone would know exactly what his plans were. I have to say, the outdoors theme, along with the occasional sunshine we’ve been having here in Eugene, is making me antsy for summertime. I’m excited for warm weather and lazy days. Maybe I’ll take a leaf out of Bruxton’s book and go fishing too!

eugene oregon baby photographer

We also decided to use my hot air balloon prop since it fit with our outdoors theme. Bruxton is getting to be such a big boy now I don’t know how much longer he’ll fit in that basket, but we got some really cute shots of the little adventurer as he took a quick birthday flight. It was so fun to see him in his goggles and helmet again, since I remember putting that same thing on him when he was a newborn. Being a Eugene, Oregon photographer, it’s so fun to get to know local families and watch their kids grow. 

eugene oregon baby photographer

It was great to see Bruxton and his parents in my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon again. It brought back some fun memories for me, and little Bruxton was so good during our session. He’s such a happy, cheerful little guy, and I can definitely see his personality blossoming. I was glad to see this family doing so well, and hope they have an amazing summer together exploring the great outdoors!

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