Friday, November 23, 2018

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Isabel!

Loved having this beautiful baby girl in my studio! Little Isabel was such a sweetheart and it was a pleasure to do her newborn photography session. Her parents, Brooke and John, made the drive over from Florence on the Oregon coast, about an hour away from my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. Lots of babies sleep exceptionally well in the car, and Isabel was one who is lulled to sleep by the car engine and gentle rocking motion. Because of her extended nap during the drive, she was wide awake at the beginning of our session. It was fun to get some wakeful shots while she watched me. She wasn’t fussy at all, and seemed very content being wrapped up, so rather than disturb her I went with it. I just love those beautiful, baby-gray eyes! 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Of course, she did fall asleep eventually. Newborns sleep for about twenty-two hours a day, so no matter how much they want to check out my studio, it isn’t long before they cave to my baby whisperer skills. 😊 Once Isabel fell asleep we were able to play around with some different outfits and poses. We used lots of cute hats and pretty headbands, and she slept great for me. I guess all that awake time at the start of her newborn photography session really tired her out!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Mom wanted lots of pretty, pale pinks for Isabel’s photos, so that’s what we used, along with some quiet neutrals like gray and cream. It’s a simple, classic, and sure-to-please color scheme for baby girls, and the resulting pictures turned out beautifully. Since we had mixed some neutrals in, our black and white shots fit perfectly alongside the full color images. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

We decided to keep this session very simple. As well as the quiet color scheme, we also chose to keep props to a minimum. As a newborn photographer, I’ve learned that there’s a lot of wiggle room as far as styles that will work for baby pictures. Some parents like a really soothing, minimal look like this one, and others have fun choosing lots of props and colorful backdrops and outfits from my collection. Although they have a completely different feel, both styles work great—it’s just a matter of preference. I always strive to give my clients a unique session that reflects their own tastes and personality, so I’m happy to give them exactly what they’re looking for. 

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Isabel was such a sweetheart and it was great to get to know both her and her parents. I’m glad they made the drive and that I was able to spend a couple of hours with them. This is such an exciting time in John and Brooke’s life! As a Eugene, Oregon photographer I love capturing those special milestones in the lives of families. It’s a pleasure and an honor to be invited to record such precious memories. I wish this sweet family all the best, and hope I will see them in the studio again at some point!

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