Monday, January 14, 2019

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Logan!

This handsome little man is Logan! I got to do his newborn photography session last month—actually quite a bit earlier than we had planned on. He arrived a full four weeks before his due date! In his case, this may have been a good thing because he was a chunk! His mom, Tawni, brought him in to my photography studio in Eugene, Oregon when he was three weeks old (still a week before I’d even been expecting him in the world, let alone the studio!) and I have a feeling he was well on his way to nine pounds at that point. You would never know he was a preemie!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

The possibility of a baby arriving well before or after their due date is one reason I encourage clients to book their newborn session nice and early. This guarantees that even if the particular date we schedule doesn’t work out, you still have a place reserved for you. In Logan’s case, it was very lucky that Tawni planned ahead!

I usually try to get babies in for their newborn photos somewhere in the first two weeks of life, just because they tend to be easiest to photograph during that time. They’re still very sleepy, and usually any skin problems—very common in infants—haven’t developed yet. Even though we did Logan’s session a little later, he hadn’t outgrown the very sleepy stage. He was a super cute little guy and did such a good job for me. 

Tawni loved the moon prop and really wanted to include it in Logan’s newborn photography session. I love the way that setup turned out! The moon and stars are some of my favorite props—they’re just classic and work really well in a variety of situations. In this case, the cream and dark navy blue was such a great color combination. Love the contrast of dark and light—and it’s so perfect for a night sky theme like this.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Since this was a mini session and we didn’t have a ton of time (I keep my mini sessions under an hour), we decided not to bother too much with full outfits. Instead we chose a couple of different hats and swaddles, and a single prop setup. Although we did have a couple of other things in there, that provided the basis for our session. The hats are super easy to switch out, and with a small, well-chosen selection we were able to get a nice variety. As a Eugene, Oregon photographer I keep a very well-stocked studio, with plenty of variety for clients to choose from, but I’ve also learned that you can keep things streamlined and simple and still end up with wonderful results. 

Being a newborn photographer is so fun and rewarding! I loved having this adorable baby boy in the studio and capturing that precious stage of brand new babyhood. Logan was such a cutie and really easy to work with, and the pictures from our session turned out beautifully.

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