Monday, September 30, 2019

Eugene, Oregon family photographer

One of my last sessions in August was an outdoor family photography session for Kelly, Jason, and their two sons, Dylan and Jaxon. What a lot of fun we had! The weather was perfect, the location was beautiful, and taking pictures was my idea of the perfect way to end the summer.

eugene oregon family photographer

Jaxon, the youngest, is in my older daughter’s class at school, so I have had the pleasure of knowing this family for several years—since Jaxon was three, as a matter of fact! They are such a great family and Jaxon and my daughter are good friends—she just adores him! Kelly and Jason hadn’t done family photos since before their youngest son arrived in this world, so it was definitely time for a session. I was delighted to help them create a collection of long overdue family pictures. Kelly and Jason were so excited that they would finally have up-to-date images of the whole family! They told me they’re planning to use some of our photos for their Christmas cards later this year, and I’m sure all of their friends and family will enjoy them. (I always love it when Christmas cards involve photos. So often we aren’t able to get together with the people we care about as frequently as we’d like, so it’s great to get a pic of everyone and feel a little more connected that way.)

eugene oregon outdoor family photography

We held this family photography session in the Cuthbert/Autzen area. Being a Eugene, Oregon photographer means that I’m always on the lookout for great locations to shoot, and I’m lucky that there are so many nice places to choose from! You’d never have known the summer was drawing to a close here. Everything was still green and beautiful, and even thought it was evening, the weather was still warm enough for all of us to be comfortable in summer clothes.

Another fun thing about this photo session was that Kelly and Jason had added a new member to the family just a few days before our shoot. Usually when I mention an addition to the family I’m talking about a baby, but not this time! This was a furry, four-footed family member: Joey the goldendoodle. He was such a cute puppy and it was super fun to include him. Dylan and Jaxon love him to bits!

eugene oregon child and family photographer

eugene oregon family portrait photographer

We focused most of our session on getting pictures of the whole family together, but we also got a few portrait shots that turned out really nice. Doing a variety of groupings like that helps give a session variety and gives clients more options as they arrange photos in an album, create a collage, or choose shots to frame and display in their home.

I loved getting together with these four awesome people and their canine pal! Being a family photographer is such a lot of fun—whether I’m meeting new people or getting to know old friends better it’s always a pleasure to watch the dynamics and capture those precious family memories.

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