Friday, October 11, 2019

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Sawyer!

Courtney and Beka brought in their adorable new addition, Sawyer, for a newborn photography session near the beginning of September. He was such a cutie and so much fun to photograph!

eugene oregon newborn photography

Sawyer was awesome about having his picture taken. He was super sleepy, which always makes my job as a newborn photographer easier. Over the last several years of photographing newborns and being a mom I’ve learned how to change, pose, and take photos of little ones without waking them up, but of course it makes it easier when baby is completely sacked out like this little guy! I had no problems at all posing him and getting all the shots we wanted.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Beka and Courtney chose blue as the main color for Sawyer’s newborn photography session. It’s always a classic for baby boys, so I had a ton of props and outfits at the studio that were perfect. It was mostly a matter of narrowing down all the choices! Gray and cream go really nicely with blue, so we mixed things up with those neutrals as well.

Of course, no matter how many cute props I keep at my Eugene, Oregon photography studio, there’s no substitute for that personal touch. Parents are always welcome to bring items from home to make their baby’s session extra special and unique. Courtney and Beka decided to bring in a beautiful blue and yellow quilt (I love baby quilts!), and wooden blocks that spelled out Sawyer’s name. I was more than happy to create a setup with what they had brought, and I absolutely love the way it turned out. So sweet!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Being a newborn photographer (or a photographer of any kind, really) makes you very detail-oriented. Not only do I enjoy creating setups and shots that are “just so,” I also like to capture the perfect little details that are already there—like tiny fingers and toes, diminutive lips, and perfect little dimples and eyelashes. I made sure to get some closeup baby pictures of Sawyer to show off all the perfection in miniature that is a newborn.

It was a delight to have Beka, Courtney, and baby Sawyer in my photo studio. They are a precious family and I’m so happy for them. Congratulations and best wishes!

eugene oregon newborn photographer

eugene oregon newborn and family photographer

Want to know more about what a newborn photography session entails? All newborn sessions are held at my photography studio in SW Eugene. It’s a comfortable space where families can relax and enjoy the amenities while I photograph their little one. I offer both full and mini newborn sessions. Full sessions are longer and include parent and siblings setups if desired. Mini sessions are nice and short at only an hour long, and focus exclusively on baby. The other main difference between these two types of sessions is that full sessions do not include any prints or other products—these are purchased separately—while mini sessions come with 5 digital images. You can read more about the types of sessions I offer here. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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