Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Eugene, Oregon twin newborn photographer: Welcome Delilah and Scarlett!

Ashley and Rhett brought their gorgeous new twins to my Eugene, Oregon photography studio last month for a newborn photo session. I fell in love with Scarlett and Delilah immediately! They are such a pair of cuties, and did a wonderful job for me.

eugene oregon twin baby photographer

Mom and Dad really wanted to do a newborn photography session for these two, because they’ve decided their family is just the right size and the twins are their last babies. I’m so glad they contacted me about doing these pictures. It’s always wonderful to help families capture memories of their precious newborns—and twin newborn photography is extra fun!

Scarlett is a little big bigger than her sister, but they are both healthy babies and doing great. They were also both awesome sleepers for me, which made my job as the photographer nice and easy. You never know what mood babies will be in (although I give parents tips on what to do before a session to make it more likely that their little one will sleep through it), and with twins it sometimes happens that as soon as one decides to cooperate the other one wakes up and wants attention! We got lucky with these girls though.

eugene oregon twin newborn photography

eugene oregon newborn photographer

Even though the girls slept through the whole session, they still gave me lots of adorable expressions. I love the little faces babies make when they’re sleeping. So cute!

Ashley wanted really soft colors for this twin newborn photography session. We went with very pale mint, pink, and cream for our main palette, and used some light lavender and gray in a few of the shots as well. I love the way it turned out. So soft and understated, and very feminine. (In case you’re wondering which twin is which, Scarlett is on the mint background in the photo collage below, and Delilah is on the cream.)

eugene oregon twin newborn photographer

We did get a few parent images during this session, but we focused on the girls for most of the time. I did some individual shots of the two of them, but one of the fun things about twin newborn photos is getting all those adorable snuggly photos of babies cuddling together, so I did several setups of Delilah and Scarlett together. They were so good about letting me pose them, and they look so sweet curled up next to each other.

Loved working with these two gorgeous babies! Congratulations Ashley and Rhett—you have a truly beautiful family!

eugene oregon twin newborn photographer

eugene oregon twin girls photos

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  1. Absolutely precious babies and beautiful photography! ����

  2. Absolutely precious babies and beautiful photography! 💗💗


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