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Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Choosing a Baby Girl Name in 2020

Expecting a girl? One of the many exciting things you need to do to prepare for the little one’s arrival is to choose the perfect name. There’s a lot to consider when choosing a baby name for your daughter: Do you want a family name or something completely new? Something unique or something popular?

If you’re having trouble choosing, it can be helpful to research baby naming trends so you have an idea of what types of names are on the rise and which may be falling out of fashion. I’ve done a little research to get you started, so read on to see what girl baby names are predicted to be popular in 2020!

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2020 Trends for Baby Girl Names

Nature – Names inspired by nature are on the rise, and you’re likely to see Rainbow, Luna, Lily, Stella, Violet, Aurora, Willow, Autumn, Ivy, and others on top-100 baby name lists for this year.

Gemstones – Names based on gemstones are also becoming more popular for girls. Ruby and Jade are especially big right now, but Opal and Pearl are also climbing the lists.

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Female Athletes – With the popularity of sports, there’s been a greater number of baby girls named after female athletes. Coco and Naomi have already gotten a bump in popularity as baby names, and given that the 2020 Olympics are coming up, baby name experts are predicting more names like Simone, Allyson, Dalilah, Alex, Megan, and Carli.

“Boy” Names – Unisex names have been a hot trend for a while, and that’s expected to continue. Drew, Ryan, Tyler, Max, and Stevie are currently seen in both the pink and blue columns of baby name lists. Other traditionally male names like Ari, River, Cameron, Tatum, Sam, Emery, Corie, and Frankie are predicted to rise in popularity for girls as well.

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Whatever name you choose for your daughter, it’s important that it feels right to you, and that you believe it’s a name that will suit her from babyhood all the way through her adult years. With hundreds of thousands of names to choose from, it can be tough to narrow it down—but you’re also guaranteed to hit on one you love!

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