Friday, July 10, 2020

Eugene, Oregon newborn photographer: Welcome Jamison!

Bryn and Joshua brought their sweet rainbow baby to my studio in late February for a newborn photography session. They had booked a photo shoot with me in the past and I was heartbroken for them when we had to cancel due to the loss of their baby. As a loss mom myself, I know how hard that is and it hurt my heart that they were going through something so difficult. Knowing that piece of their story, I was thrilled when they contacted me again to let me know they were expecting. It was so special being able to welcome Jamison to my studio. He’s a beautiful little boy!

eugene oregon newborn photography

Jamison was born a little early and was just a tiny guy when we did these pictures. Totally healthy and happy though, and he did such a great job during his session. He was a great sleeper, and I couldn’t get over that adorable face and feathery hair. So cute!

eugene oregon studio newborn photography

As a newborn photographer, I want my clients’ time in the studio to be special. Welcoming a new baby is such an exciting thing! One of the ways I can make every session unique is by providing a wide variety of props, outfits, and backdrops to suit different color schemes and tastes. Sometimes these kinds of things are just a matter of style, but sometimes they can help tell a story. For example, I keep a collection of soft felt hearts at the studio, not just to match different colors, but because I can put them together into a rainbow. That’s exactly what we did during Jamison’s newborn photography session, as a way to give a glimpse into his family’s experiences and all that his arrival meant to them. Every family and new baby is unique, and I believe your session can express that. Feel free to let me know how I can make your session exactly right for you!

rainbow baby photographer eugene oregon

One of my favorite things about taking pictures of newborns is being able to capture all the details. Babies are so small and perfect, from tiny fingers and toes to delicate eyelashes and hair so soft you can barely feel it. Photographers are taught to zoom in on the details as well as show the big picture, and that’s never more fun to do than when you’re working with babies.

eugene oregon newborn photographer

It was so good to finally have this wonderful family in my Eugene, Oregon photography studio. It’s been a journey, but Jamison is absolutely precious and I loved meeting him. Couldn’t be happier for this awesome couple and their adorable little rainbow baby.

eugene oregon newborn and family photographer

Thanks for visiting the website! If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to check out session options and pricing, look through the photo gallery, or explore the studio. If you have other questions that aren’t answered on the site, or if you’re ready to book your session, I hope you’ll get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you, and would be honored to record your family’s memories.

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