Friday, June 19, 2020

Eugene, Oregon baby and child photographer: Milan is ONE!

My last session of January was a one-year baby photography session, complete with cake smash! So much fun. Mom Kenddi reached out to me after hearing about my work from a friend of hers that I had done photography for. I appreciate it so much when my clients refer their friends and family to me—it’s the best way that my business as a Eugene, Oregon photographer grows, plus it’s great to meet new families and learn about their connections to other clients. So thanks so much to all of you for those referrals—and feel free to keep them coming!

eugene oregon cake smash photographer

Milan was such a cutie! He was also super smiley for me during the whole session, which was great. Sometimes it can be a little hit or miss with one-year-olds, especially if I haven’t been photographing them for their whole babyhood and this is our first session together. People sometimes think babies are too young to remember a photography session, but in my experience little ones often seem more comfortable during photos if they’ve already been to the studio and/or met the photographer before. However, even though this was our first time together, Milan did just fine and had so much fun!

eugene oregon baby photographer

We got several baby portraits of just Milan during this baby photography session. What a handsome little man! Those suspenders and the bow tie are awesome! We also decided to do some pictures with both mom and baby. Those are always fun as I get to capture that special relationship between mom and kiddo. Also, even though it wasn’t needed with Milan, it can be a good way to help babies relax and get comfortable in front of the camera. If mom is right there, they know everything is okay, even if they aren’t always sure what to make of me and my constant clicking!

eugene oregon baby and child photographer

We wrapped up our time together with some birthday cake smash photography. Always lots of fun, and always an adventure, since babies are a little unpredictable: some of them love cake, and some of them really don’t. Milan belonged squarely in the first camp. He had a great time smearing frosting all over his face (and everywhere else) and gave me the most adorable expressions and poses while he was diving in to all that birthday numminess.

eugene oregon cake smash photographer

As a baby and child photographer, I love every session I get to do with these sweet little ones, but it’s especially fun when I see how much they’re enjoying it. Milan obviously had a blast in front of the camera, and I loved every minute I got to spend with him. Happy first birthday, Milan!

baby portraits eugene oregon

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